The number of securities industry veterans say goodbye to study into the pursuit of new challenges

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The number of securities industry veterans say goodbye "to read" challenge life into new pursuit of source: WeChat public number Chinese broker Coehlo Rienk said, life is a battle! But this year, a number of long-term battle in the forefront of the securities in the industry veterans say goodbye. According to the securities Chinese reporter statistics, since the beginning of this year has included Haitong Securities (600837, shares) chairman Wang before founding the Milky Way, former chairman of the securities Chen Youan, vice president of Guotai Junan Securities Liu Xin more than and 10 listed brokerage executives have left ticket business. Reasons for resignation or retirement, or because of work arrangements, but a considerable part of the personal reasons". Brokerage executives resign, will go where? As of now, in addition to the former Topix Information Management Chairman Wang Guobin said back to travel outside the Milky Way before reading, vice president Zhu Yongqiang transferred to a fund or securities company, more "veteran" gradually fade out of public view. Since the beginning of the year 5 listed brokerage chairman Yang Zezhu, former chairman of the Yangtze River Securities to leave this year since the announcement of the resignation of the first listed brokerage chairman. Changjiang Securities in January 6th this year announced that in January 5th, the company received the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on the "decision", the company party secretary and chairman Yang Zezhu for personal reasons, the alleged violation of discipline, organization undergoing investigation. In January 7th, Changjiang Securities announcement, the board of directors received the resignation of Yang Zezhu: for personal reasons, Yang Zezhu resigned from the Changjiang Securities Limited by Share Ltd seventh board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, the risk management committee and other duties. After the end of January, the media that Yang Zezhu fall death message. In January 16th this year, Yang Shucai, chairman of Northeast Securities announced his resignation announcement, however, the announcement shows that due to the reasons for the resignation of the chairman of the board of directors and other duties due to work arrangements, the company intends to serve the eighth board of supervisors of the board of supervisors of the. Northeast Securities, said Yang Shucai during his tenure, to improve the corporate governance structure is becoming more perfect, steady operation, sustainable development, the company’s capital strength and profitability continue to improve. The board of directors expressed high appreciation for the work done by Mr. Yang Shucai during his term as chairman of the company, and expressed his sincere thanks for his contribution to the company and the board of directors. In February this year, Southwest Securities announced that the former chairman of the company Cui Jianyin retirement resignation. Southwest Securities board meeting resolution announcement in hard work and outstanding contributions to the Cui Jian expressed heartfelt thanks, "said Mr Cui Jian during his tenure, to lead and unite all my colleagues in the company, committed to reform, hard work ahead, the company’s comprehensive strength significantly enhanced business performance record highs." At the end of April this year, listed in Hong Kong, the Milky Way Chinese brokerage securities announced that the company chairman and executive director Chen Youan due to work reasons to resign. The Milky Way securities also said that Chen Youan during his tenure, the company’s development strategy and focus on the construction of enterprise culture, leading the company achieved excellent results, the successful completion of the H shares listed and placement, establish a good brand image, effectively promoted the development of the company, has made an important contribution to the reform, China financial market stability and development, the the company would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Haitong Securities chairman Wang Kaiguo resignation caused great concern in the industry. July 29th this year, Haitong Securities issued;相关的主题文章:

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