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Philippine President’s visit position: Philippine military allies in addition to no mutation in his country – the United States Sohu Military Channel text with map: 24, Duthel Te accepted the media interview (NHK screenshots). Observer network synthesis: today (25) afternoon, Philippines President Duthel Te arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, began a visit to japan. The day before, Duthel Te in Manila to accept the Japanese media interview. The day before the visit when the statement said Philippine us "Walter explained: part company each going his own way", "without any worries, alliance will not change. I don’t need to build military alliances with other countries." Duthel Te also pointed out that he wants to form a business partner relationship with china. 20, Philippines President Duthel Te attended the Sino Philippine economic and trade cooperation forum held in Beijing. Duthel Te announced that it would break the military and economic alliance with the United states. But on the same day, the Philippines cabinet said in a statement, although Philippines attaches importance to economic integration in Asia, but this does not mean that the West and the interruption of contact. "We will continue to keep in touch with the west, but we hope to strengthen ties with our neighbors. In this region, our culture is similar, can understand each other." This regional integration with the EU, North American Free Trade Agreement, the relevant measures similar to the Southern Common market. Philippines is working with ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea for regional integration." Duthel also said earlier that Philippines has informed the United States, the two countries in the South China Sea exercises and joint patrols will be shelved. Duthel Te also threatened to tear up the defense cooperation agreement may be signed in 1951 and Washington, according to the agreement, the United States will get a garrison in Philippines several base rights. A remark, immediately triggered the discontent. 21, the United States government took the lead in Philippines "clear", Japanese Foreign Minister also followed with Walter "face recognition". According to the Russian satellite network 25, citing Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, Philippines’s president Rodrigo – Walter yesterday at the meeting with Japanese reporters said that Philippines and the United States military alliances, and does not intend to continue to establish similar relations with other countries.相关的主题文章:

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