The president of South Africa proposed three reductions in two capitals reducing waste of resources

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The South African President proposed three capital to two: reduce the waste of resources – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Africa Zhang Xixi is] President Zuma before the state of the Union speech, urged the relevant departments "urgent investigation" will be reduced to 3, two of the feasibility. South Africa is the world’s only 3 and has the capital of the country, is the administrative capital Pretoria, the capital city of Cape Town and the capital Bloemfontein judicial legislation. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" says 16 days, said Zuma published on the 11 2016 state of the union, the two capital of Pretoria and Cape Town congressman Ying Cong in the two election: "we should consider the necessity of cost, whether to also have the administrative capital of Pretoria and the legislative capital of Cape Town." In addition to the judicial capital of Bloemfontein is relatively single, South African president and Minister of officials and members of Congress, often traveling between Pretoria and Cape Town, travel, accommodation and catering every year to spend a lot of taxpayer money. He also said that in order to work in both places, many officials in the two city home to douan. An online survey conducted on the 24 hour website of South Africa news shows that 53% of the people choose to keep Pretoria, and 47% of them choose Cape Town as the capital. Mulder, the congressman of South Africa, says that the idea of reducing government spending is good, but if the merger really starts, the whole process will take 10 years. Senator Kenneth said, "We support the president’s proposal, which saves time and saves money."." "South Africa network" said that the initial cost of the relocation is very high, but in the long run can save a lot of money for the government. The South African business technology website says plans to reduce the capital have been planned 20 years ago. Mandela, President of the government, legislature, Congress moved to Pretoria will need to spend much money in the assessment, then estimate to $15 million, and the administration moved to Cape Town costs $1 billion 500 million. Today, the cost of moving Congress is $443 million, and the government can save 3 million 170 thousand to 4 million 430 thousand dollars a year after the relocation. Dissent suggests that the removal of 1400 members of the Congress and their families would hurt Cape Town’s economy. Cape Town mayor Patricia · Germany · Lille said that it is better to reduce the size of the cabinet and other administrative organs instead of revoking a capital. In addition to reduce the number of capital, Zuma in the state of the Union also called for reducing the waste of resources, the South African government and state-owned enterprises should try to cut wasteful spending, limiting meetings, catering, entertainment and social activities.

南非总统提议三个首都减为两个:减少资源浪费-搜狐新闻  【环球时报驻南非特约记者 张希希 任重】南非总统祖马日前发表国情咨文时,敦促有关部门“紧急调研”将3个首都缩减为两个的可行性。南非是目前世界上唯一同时拥有3个首都的国家,分别是行政首都比勒陀利亚、立法首都开普敦和司法首都布隆方丹。  新加坡《联合早报》16日称,祖马11日发表2016年国情咨文时表示,国会议员应从比勒陀利亚和开普敦两个首都中二选一:“我们应该考虑花费的必要性,是否要同时保有行政首都比勒陀利亚和立法首都开普敦。”除了司法首都布隆方丹作用相对单一,南非总统和部长官员及国会议员,经常在比勒陀利亚和开普敦之间奔波,出差、住宿和餐饮等每年都要花费大量纳税人的钱。祖马还说,为了在两地都能办公,很多官员不得不在两个城市都安家。  南非新闻24小时网站进行的在线调查显示,53%的人选择保留比勒陀利亚,47%的人选择开普敦继续作为首都。南非国会议员穆尔德表示,缩减政府开支的想法是好的,但如果真开始实施合并,整个过程需要10年。议员肯尼斯说:“我们支持总统的提议,这样既可以节省时间,又能节约支出。”  “南非网”称,搬迁的初始成本很高,但长期看能为政府节约不少钱。南非“商业技术”网站说,缩减首都的计划20年前就规划过。曼德拉任总统时,政府就在评估将立法机构——国会搬到比勒陀利亚需要花多少钱,当时估算需要1500万美元,而将行政部门搬到开普敦的费用是15亿美元。如今,搬迁国会的费用是4.43亿美元,搬迁后每年能为政府节约317万至443万美元。持不同意见者认为,如果将国会1400人及其家属搬走,将损害开普敦的经济。开普敦市长帕特里夏·德·里尔表示,与其撤销一个首都,不如从减少内阁等行政机构的规模做起。  除了缩减首都数量,祖马在国情咨文中还呼吁“减少资源浪费”,南非政府和国有企事业单位应尽量削减一些浪费性支出,限制会议、餐饮、娱乐和社交等活动。相关的主题文章:

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