The price of the name package is the transformation of buyer system in the 40 percent off Wuhan depa-dachiyouxiang

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The price of the first package is 40 percent off, while the Wuhan department store tries to buy water. After the Wuhan group supermarket tried the supermarket’s fresh global direct picking, another group of Wuhan began to test the "cross border purchase" of the water department store. National Day holiday, the first luxury luxury collection store offline experience store in Wuhan is located in Wuhan. This marks a trial run of "buying system" transformation in the department store. At present, Wuhan department stores are basically the form of sales of brand agents, dealers and shopping malls. The same brand is the biggest problem. The so-called "buying shop" market usually exists in the form of "small theme department store". It takes the form of store in store and is in sharp contrast with traditional department store. It is a common way for foreign department stores. According to the introduction, the cross-border purchase by the United States company overseas procurement, Hongkong company Express customs clearance. "COACH, MICHAELKORS, MARCBYMARCJACBOS package here are sold, the price is about 40 percent off of the domestic cabinet price, and foreign cabinet products synchronous line." In addition to the light luxury brand, the product category of the store in Wuhan, in charge of the Ministry of merchants, said that the products of the store were collected from clothing, accessories, bags to household items. Daily consumer goods such as Levi’s jeans enjoy local retail prices locally. A shopping mall in Wuhan, deputy general Ziqin Bell said, the traditional department stores need to upgrade, as cross-border shopping platform entities online, let the goods visible and tangible, you can try, security, rather than online shopping have better experience. It is reported that, in recent years, NOVO, I.T and CPU department store brands, Thailand retail giant is still under Taiqi boutique department store ZEN hand-made retailers have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou city shop enclosure.

名包价格为专柜6折 武汉百货试水“买手制”转型继武汉一集团超市尝试超市生鲜全球直采之后,武汉另一集团也开始试水百货“跨境购”。国庆长假,全国首家轻奢品牌集合店线下体验店入驻武汉,此举标志着武汉百货开启“买手制”转型的试冰旅程。目前,武汉百货商场基本上都是品牌代理商、经销商与商场联营的销售形式,品牌雷同是最大的问题。所谓“买手制”商场,通常以“小型主题百货”的业态存在,采取店中店的形式,与传统百货店形成鲜明对比,它是国外百货企业通行的方式。据介绍,该跨境购由美国公司境外采购,香港公司快递通关。“COACH、MICHAELKORS、MARCBYMARCJACBOS的包这里都有卖,价格是国内专柜价的6折左右,和国外专柜产品同步上线。”武汉一商场招商部负责人称,除了轻奢品牌,该店产品品类从服装、配饰、箱包到家居物品一站集合。像李维斯牛仔裤这样的日常消费品,本地享受国外本土零售价。武汉一商场副总钟子钦表示,传统的百货需要升级,作为跨境购在线下实体店平台,让商品看得见、摸得着、可以试、有保障,比起在线上购物有更佳的体验感。据悉,近几年,NOVO百货、知名品牌I.T和CPU、泰国零售业巨头尚泰旗下精品百货ZEN等买手制零售商,已纷纷在北京、上海、杭州等城市开店圈地。相关的主题文章:

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