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The recovery in cattle complained of moon cake coupons Lengyue cake coupons "business" – lower recovery in new network on 16 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Wu Meng Da, Liang Tianyun) "in the day can receive dozens of moon cake coupons, hundreds more, this year the day is on the 10." In Beijing Dongcheng District a mall entrance, several long-term recovery, reselling shopping card "cattle" complained to reporters "difficult to do business," we re profit a year low, if not before the customer contact me to goods, do not want to come out on their own recovery, afraid of hand……" On the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, the reporter visited a number of Beijing card coupons cattle gathered, found that compared to the past, this year engaged in the recovery of moon cake coupons cattle number decreased, moon cake coupons recycling business low. With the anti four winds continued to deepen the impact of a substantial reduction in the amount of public funds to send gifts, moon cake coupons as a mid autumn festival gift rate decreased significantly. With the sharp decline in the number of moon cake coupons received, cattle past half off recovery, twenty percent off hands high profits gone, the moon gradually restore the original appearance of the Mid Autumn Festival food. "Tall" moon cake packaging, luxury and high-grade tobacco bundling, cold case is most prominent. Moon cake coupons generally do not receive, even if the price is up to ninety percent off. Because in the market simply can not afford to sell." A website used recycling business told reporters. Although under investigation, giving the pressure decreased obviously, but the Mid Autumn Festival "walking" "emotional contact" still exists. Reporters saw a shopping mall in Beijing, Dongcheng District, a total of 6 hours in the evening peak hours, a total of more than and 10 cattle". From time to time there are pedestrians and away cattle on the card, or approached to inquire about the situation. Mid Autumn Festival, national day two together, just an opportunity to contact relatives and friends, gifts to express their intentions. Will consider buying a large brand of moon cake coupons from the hands of the recycling business, cheaper than to buy from the store." Private business owners Ms. Yin told reporters. At the same time, the reporter found that cattle in order to seize the opportunity of the Mid Autumn Festival, the recovery from the line to the online transfer, the acquisition of various types of online shopping card. Beijing, Xicheng District, a shopping mall in front of the 1 cattle told reporters that they do not usually recycle online shopping card, even if the acquisition, the price is very low. "But this year moon cake market is not good, we are willing to accept the Jingdong, online shopping card, but also the brilliance, up to 5% off or more expensive."相关的主题文章:

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