The relationship between father and mother, raising children of different personalities! Too sure! S

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The relationship between father and mother, raising children of different personalities! Too sure! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Children appears to be with my parents separated, is an individual, but under the same roof, with their inseparable relationship or parents, husband and wife two people to not affect children’s growth and character. 1 parents, loving children, healthy personality cheerful parents love, harmonious family relationship, good family environment for children, children with this kind of personality will be more peaceful and cheerful, not easily manhandled, because their parents are very good relationship, the child will have good feelings and yearning for marriage, to have healthy heterosexual. 2 parents, children and parents feeling weak selfishness feeling weak, two people often rely on to communicate or to maintain the family by children, is often said that the "child centered" in the family, parents relationship under the action of the child was too much attention or interference, the character will become headstrong and selfish. Mom, Dad, 3 strong cowardly timid, cowardly boy inferiority, because dad is weak, men for mother, after the family becomes more and more marginalized, mother will become increasingly powerful and even mean what one says. The child will always be the same as the formation of the identity of the same parents, the daughter will be a strong mother identity, over time will become a powerful daughter, the son will not become a coward, the son of inferiority. 4, parents premature divorce children indifferent, no sense of security from the unfortunate marriage of many couples divorced, neglected the most important point, can never be free from the child. They are often difficult to heal the wounds of the heart of life, their concerns, sense of insecurity, fear may never heal. Children living in divorced families are more likely to suffer from psychological problems such as crime and anxiety, depression, hostility, revenge, indifference and so on. 5, my parents love children, love, mutual accusations of sensitive excuses, stubborn parents love to blame each other, so the family environment, it will seriously affect the child’s way of life. Especially when there is a dispute between husband and wife, it is easier for the child to say that the other party is not. The impact on children is: after the parents will not respect. One side to attack the other side, want to let the child to the other side, and finally to the child is only hurt. 6, my parents love to fight child love violence, grumpy parents fight for adults is very common, can understand, but for the children, but the sky is falling down, his sense of security will have a great impact. At the same time, the child will become as one love violence, bad temper, like parents yelling. Dear mom and Dad, in order to children, the couple two people how to get along too important. The children love reading, parents welcomed the attention on the success of the half parenting public number: jxhuiben (WeChat mobile phone users can press copy) attention: open the WeChat search — jxhuiben — attention every day to share the most classic!相关的主题文章:

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