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Xenophobic sentiment impact political refugee crisis let Merkel to step down – the Sohu news [Global Times reported] France’s "world news" said, because the fermentation of the refugee problem that many European countries public opinion being reversed, forcing some governments, political parties and politicians to take tougher measures, Denmark announced since January 21st, more than 10 thousand refugees will be confiscated crown fortune. It is worth noting that this legislation is not to promote the far right Danish people’s party, but the Danish cabinet minister Stow GA Berg. Not only in Denmark, in many European countries, the momentum of rising anti folk refugees, extreme right-wing support rate increase, forcing the mainstream political parties did not dare to take the risk of losing votes to the traditional refugee policy. In Sweden, immigration minister Johansson said on January 31st, will take more stringent verification method of "unattended refugee minors" real age. The Swedish news agency said, "the Swedish very inclusive and generous refugee minors". According to the law, these refugee minors cannot be repatriated. So many refugees lose their identity, conceal age. Local netizens said, after stabbing female staff called 15 refugee children, is taller than the translation, considered lied about her age. "The refugee crisis is that German Chancellor to step down the road". A new German "focus" magazine reported that the agency Insa poll, in view of the refugee crisis, nearly 40% of the respondents of the German Prime Minister Merkel to step down. To quell the growing criticism, Merkel said in January 30th that Germany is "a term for refugee asylum". She said, in accordance with the "Geneva Convention" to protect refugee status of refugees is a time limit, valid for 3 years, "the parties must know they only have a temporary abode". "We hope that when the Syrian peace came, they can return to their hometown." However, this argument, the Germans generally do not believe. German TV two "political barometer" according to the survey, 80% of respondents do not believe that the solution can quickly find the limit of refugees. "Who are refugees speak, is a fool or visionary childish; those who oppose these refugees, soon to be classed as extreme right-wing or nazi". Deutsche Welle 1 commented that the two kinds of extreme political debate has derailed. Europe commented that no one knows what to do next. This brings the unpleasant side effects of two kinds of Politics: European unprecedented unity, unprecedented boycott of Germany and Merkel. At the same time, the right-wing and right-wing extremism forces are imperceptibly grow into a political force. [global times in Sweden, Germany, Britain, Canadian journalist Chen Xuefei Aoki Chen Shuangcheng Ji Tao short housing Yiliu straight]

排外情绪高涨冲击政局 难民危机让默克尔走向下台-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】法国《世界报》称,由于难民问题的发酵,欧洲许多国家民意正发生逆转,迫使部分国家政府、政党和政治家采取更强硬措施,丹麦自1月21日宣布,将没收难民超过1万克朗的财富。值得注意的是推动这一立法的并非极右翼丹麦人民党,而是丹麦内阁阁员斯托贾博格。不仅在丹麦,在欧洲许多国家,由于民间反难民声势高涨,极右翼支持率大增,迫使主流政党不敢冒失去选票的风险坚持传统的难民政策。   在瑞典,移民大臣约翰松1月31日表示,将采取更多方法严格核查“无人监管的未成年难民”真实年龄。瑞典通讯社称,瑞典对未成年难民非常“包容和慷慨”。根据法律,这些未成年难民是不能被遣返的。因此许多难民丢掉身份证件,隐瞒年龄。当地网民称,此前捅死女工作人员的所谓15岁难民儿童,个子比翻译还高,被认为谎报了年龄。   “难民危机正在让德国总理走向下台之路”。新一期德国《焦点》周刊封面报道认为,调查机构Insa的民调数据显示,鉴于目前的难民危机,近40%受访的德国人要求总理默克尔下台。为平息日益高涨的批评之声,默克尔1月30日表示德国对难民的庇护是“有期限的”。她说,依照《日内瓦难民地位公约》给难民提供的保护是有期限的,有效时长为3年,“当事人必须清楚他们只具有临时的居留权”。“我们希望,当和平降临叙利亚,他们能够回到自己的故乡。”不过,对此说法,德国人普遍不信。德国电视二台“政治晴雨表”调查结果显示,80%受访者不相信能很快找到限制难民的解决方案。   “谁为难民说话,就是幼稚的傻子或幻想家;谁反对这些难民,很快就被归类为极右翼分子或纳粹”。“德国之声”1日评论称,这两种极端化的政治争论已经脱轨。评论称,欧洲没有人知道接下来该怎么办。这就带来了两种令人不悦的政治上的副作用:欧洲空前未有的不团结,空前未有的抵制德国和默克尔。同时,右翼和极右主义力量正不知不觉地成长为一股政治势力。   【环球时报驻瑞典、德国、英国、加拿大记者 陈雪霏 青木 纪双城 陶短房 陈一 柳直】相关的主题文章:

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