The scenic area and the airport industry survey Taylor arrested 6 illegal Chinese Ji – Beijing tour liuxiaobo

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The scenic area and the airport industry survey Taylor arrested 6 illegal Chinese Ji – Beijing tour guide Chinese overseas network on 12 September, according to Thailand’s "world news" reported that the Thailand Department of labor and Chonburi police and Chinese guide Club representatives jointly, in 10 days ago to peach county Qi Yi Chan mountain scenic area near the investigation, arrested 3 a Chinese Ji illegal tour guide, seized a large number of tourists, visitors list questionnaires, bills and cash items. In addition, the labor department staff at 4 p.m. that day, also arrested at Don Mueang International Airpo Airport, the Chinese tourist guide is waiting for a tour of the group of 3. The labor department said the 3 black pilots were named Wu Jiang Uo (aged 30), Han Rui (age 40) and Zhang Xianfeng (aged 46). The probe to guide Chinese Club representatives recently complained to the Department of labor, said there are many attractions nearby like odd mountain China Ji illegal Thai tour guide occupation guide to seize Thailand, causing some legal guide can not start working, the labor department sent to investigate hope. The labor department pointed out that currently some travel agencies and tour guides for illegally escaped the police check, every time the price of 2000 baht to hire the Thai people with the car, this kind of behavior to seize a lot of Thailand tour guide legal work, the labor department will continue to investigate, and to prosecute 3 people working illegally. In addition, according to the Thailand Daily reported that the Ministry of labour and employment of more than 10 personnel in 10, 4 in the afternoon at Don Mueang International Airpo Airport also arrested 3 China from black lead, 3 people were waiting for the airport from China to tour in Thailand, engaged in the tour guide occupation for more than 2 months, mainly responsible for the reception of Chinese tours.相关的主题文章:

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