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The second excited Scott: he began to sit first understanding of the game that Scott, Russell began to understand the game of sina sports news Beijing time on February 23rd, according to ESPN reports, the Lakers against the bulls, Dean Gilo Russell return to the starting lineup. After the game, Lakers coach Scott made it clear that from now until the end of the season, Russell will be the Lakers’ starting point guard. About 2 and a half months ago, Russell was relegated from the starting lineup to the bench. "It’s time for Jean Russell to go back to the starting line-up," Scott explained. "He’s making progress every month. He really began to understand the game. Obviously, he needs to work hard at both ends of the court. But I like his present performance and his performance in the last two months." Russell was obviously excited about Scott’s decision. "I want to get better," he said. "The coach always says, no matter how many games there are in the season, you have to play with some goals. No matter how many games we have left, I think I still need to prove something." "I don’t want people to misunderstand me, but you will feel the best player on the team is the first player," he added, "I think I will be confident, and that I was one of the best players in the team. So I have to prove that I deserve to be in the starting position and stay at the game at the crucial moment." Russell, Randall and Clarkson is regarded as the core of the future, but Russell was very glad to be with Clarkson and Randall together first. "We can continue to grow.". We can play more closely, "Russell said," we can learn from each other, and know how to grow, or we can look at the video game. We can use this opportunity to grow up together." (Rosen)

湖人榜眼兴奋坐稳首发 斯科特:他开始理解比赛 斯科特认为,拉塞尔开始理解比赛了   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月23日,据ESPN报道,湖人客场挑战公牛的比赛中,德安吉洛-拉塞尔重回首发阵容。赛后,湖人主帅斯科特明确表示,从现在起到本赛季结束,拉塞尔将一直担任湖人的首发控卫。   大约2个半月前,拉塞尔从首发被降为替补。   “是时候(让拉塞尔重回首发阵容)了,”斯科特解释道,“每个月,他都在进步。他真的开始理解比赛。很显然,他在攻防两端还需努力。但是我喜欢他现在的表现以及他在过去两个月里的表现。”   对于斯科特的这个决定,拉塞尔显然非常兴奋。   “我渴望变得更好,”他说道,“教练总说,无论赛季还剩多少场比赛,你们必须带着一些目标打球。无论我们还剩多少比赛,我都觉得我依然需要证明一些东西。”   “我不希望别人误解我的意思,但你会觉得球队里最好的球员就是首发球员,”他接着说道,“我觉得我将会保持自信,并说我是球队里最好的球员之一。所以我必须证明我配得上首发位置,以及在比赛的关键时刻留在场上。”   拉塞尔、兰德尔和克拉克森被视为湖人未来的核心,而拉塞尔很高兴能够与兰德尔和克拉克森一起搭档首发。   “我们可以继续成长。我们可以打得更加紧密,”拉塞尔说,“我们可以从对方那里学到东西,并知道如何成长,或者我们可以一起看比赛录像。我们可以利用这次机会一起成长。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章:

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