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The second presidential debate debate continues to "tear" – Sohu news Beijing, 10 October,   comprehensive report, local time on the evening of 9, the U.S. Democratic and Republican presidential candidate second TV debates at the University of Washington. Due to the debate to join the audience to ask questions, the atmosphere is more intense. In the debate, Democrat Hilary and Republican Trump on a number of topics debate. At the same time, so before the first debate, two people is also a continuation of the "mutual Jieduan" mode. Same as the first debate in September 27th, the debate lasted 90 minutes. The debate began, Hilary and Trump immediately launched attacks. In recent days, Trump insult women speech recording exposure caused a great disturbance in American public opinion, this topic not surprisingly become the first topic of two people. Local time on the evening of October 9th, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump and Democratic presidential candidate in Missouri, Saint Louis, second television debate launched in. Speaking of his own, Trump said he was "very respectful" of women, and then began to use Clinton’s sex scandal to attack the president of the United States, Mr. Hilary. And Hilary responded that her acting style is "if they choose to make your choice of noble". After several rounds of confrontation, heated debate quickly. Hilary said: "fortunately, people like Trump are not in charge of American law." Trump replied, "if so, you’ll go to jail." During the debate, the two talked about Hilary’s scandal again. Hilary said was "very sorry" to use private servers to handle public behavior, but insists that he is very serious about confidential information, also stressed that no evidence of their behavior makes the confidential materials falling into the wrong hands. For Hilary overwhelmed by this statement, Trump accused of lying, and said he was not guilty of criminal charges against the "disappointed" by the president of the Republic of China, and accused him of being "disappointed" by mr.". On Hilary and Trump "rip" at the same time, media also noted that such a detail, the two candidates in the debate did not shake hands when opening this debate in the U.S. presidential election history is very rare. However, the two people in the debate after the completion of the handshake.相关的主题文章:

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