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The Star Cruises, open luxury cruise tourism era dream – Sohu lived in yesterday is confused, live in tomorrow’s waiting, if life is a journey, no matter is the starting point and end point, people really care about is the way people and scenery: @ when food – tail locust travel photography arrived in Singapore Singapore Airport is the night, southeast wind blowing cool, I hit a car to the hotel, the driver and the ornamental and the combined plain properties I chat, of no importance, long time no see Singapore, this one, the main body of the army to advance, I attended the Miss Universe Chinese Thailand training tour with the film and then directly the plane flew over, drink a cup of cola, I do not love to drink cola, YURI said, drink coke with ice at an altitude of ten thousand metres, The air bubbles from the throat to the stomach churning felt great, so I tried it, this is a Singapore Airlines, called a cup of Singapore Sling cocktail, eat a delicious roast meal unexpectedly. Then from the Thailand wind switch Po County modern urban wind, and this is the Singapore experience with the high seas around Xingmeng cruise early. Put your luggage in the hotel, taxi directly to loose hair Bak-Kut-The, this may be Chinese to Singapore standard action, eat a Chicken Rice, Hainan Style, a Bak-Kut-The, a curry crab, is Singapore taste memory, modern urban life, heavy traffic, people of different colors. The rules of life. Singapore in November, the coastal city. Behind is an amazing legend, but also a multi-cultural integration. The boss, a bowl of Bak-Kut-The, here Bak-Kut-The only operate at night 9:30, speaking in Southeast Asia commom;cynical Mandarin, feel the boss can freely switch languages, the amount is enough, soup can also be free, and a citrus lemon water, it’s perfect. We live in the hotel called M-hotel in the ANSON Road, the traffic is fairly convenient, I and another Guangzhou senior media people in the same room, he was very tired to sleep, I continue to work overtime to two more accustomed to this state, you can sleep late is luxury. Fortunately, however, this trip is relatively easy. Second days can sleep a little late. The second day wake up slowly, eat breakfast, and then walk in the surrounding, then hit a car to the Merlion’s Park, is a full tour, not many people, so many Singapore to draw a conclusion, is not the morning to Merlion’s Park, because it is the inverse! Light! To a standard Singapore tourists photos, in fact, there are several actions, I think we should come to the whole set. After a photo shoot, all the way around around back to the hotel, then check out, go to dinner together, and then go to the cruise terminal, in the Maxwell delicacy street, civilian consumption, there are a lot of delicacy, but we have to eat a can’t help Chicken Rice, Hainan Style. Kidding me? At this time, I am fine, Hainan chicken rice is Hainan, or singapore. This question stumped me, there is no one to help.相关的主题文章:

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