The Supreme Court issued 21 measures to promote the classification – Beijing

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The Supreme Court issued 21 measures to promote the case classification Beijing – Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 13 September, (reporter Rosa, Wang Qian) Supreme People’s Court published on the 13 "the Supreme People’s Court on further promoting the optimization of a number of opinions" case classification allocation of judicial resources, stressed that according to the rapid handling simple cases, strictly regulate the trial of complex at the same time the case, put forward 21 specific measures to cases shunt, optimize the allocation of judicial resources. The views put forward, the courts at all levels shall be chosen on the basis of civil trial procedure characteristics of the case, the greatest degree to solve the civil case less than contradiction; to improve the driving speed cutting procedures, simple procedure and the general procedure of the criminal trial procedure of criminal cases, ensure a simple quick trial, difficult criminal cases now; to explore the establishment of administrative speed cut the working mechanism, improve the administrative summary procedure. In solving the main problems restricting the efficiency of the trial, the views of the four main initiatives: to improve the service process. The implementation of the pre address confirmation system, emphasizing the completion of the address of the letter of confirmation, the promotion of electronic service, improve the postal service, to solve the problem of restricting the efficiency of the trial to improve the service difficult problem. To play the functions of pretrial conference. Through the pretrial meeting to resolve procedural matters, to facilitate the settlement of the parties or to reach a mediation agreement, to confirm the facts and evidence of the dispute, the focus of controversy, to enhance the level of substantive trial. Reform the way of trial. To promote the reform of the civil trial mode, to adopt a new type of trial mode for the simple civil cases, to explore the reform of the criminal trial mode, and to simplify the trial of the defendant’s confession and punishment. The implementation of judgment — Simplified shunt. Judgment of complicated cases should be around the focus of controversy for targeted reasoning and simple cases can use simple judgment documents, court sentencing cases can simplify the judgment documents, immediately court civil cases can no longer issued judicial documents. The opinion also proposed the further innovation of judicial mechanism, adopt the randomized case-based, specify the mechanism supplemented by case, to explore the way to implement the demonstration procedure, the centralized time trial, improve the convergence mechanism of second instance cases. To further optimize the allocation of judicial resources, improve the case ratio of science, promote professional judgment, promote judicial auxiliary affairs centralized management, promoting various governance bodies play a role in preventing and resolving conflicts and disputes, lawyers involved in mediation, case play fair and efficient solution, to guide the parties to the integrity of rational judicial litigation, to create a good ecological environment. In addition, the views put forward to realize intelligent handling, innovation of court in the way, the remote video court speedy trial simple cases, the use of audio-visual transmission technology or video room implementation of the witness testimony. Implementation of the reform of the trial record, to promote the electronic file litigation. Hu Shihao, director of the Supreme People’s court to change the office, said that as of September 12th this year, at 9 am, the national court accepted the case of new cases of 14 million 313 thousand and 300. These cases are more than 80% in the grassroots courts, most of them are simple cases. The courts at all levels to further promote the case classification mechanism reform, optimize the allocation of judicial resources, will achieve the simplified procedures.相关的主题文章:

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