The taste of food with a stone man who killed his

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The taste of food with a stone man who killed his father original title: a man in Yunnan because of the taste of food will kill his father in new network Kunming on 29 February, (Wang Yi) as the saying goes "and", a case can occur in the kylin District of Qujing City, Yunnan province people’s Congress made or glasses. A man in the area killed his father because of his father’s cooking, which was cruel. Reporters from 29 Yunnan Qilin District, Qujing province procuratorate was informed that the man has been arrested. Huang, male, 34 years old, a villager in Qilin district. At 17 in January 8, 2016, Huang returned home from the city to eat dinner at the old house. After eating two, the father did not taste the dishes, and then quarrel with his father. That night 23, Huang went to the old house called the father back to the new house 2 people to sleep, old house field hospital, his father stopped walking, Hwang’s father pulled up the collar forced to take home, two people were pulling in the fall to the ground. Huang was very angry, they kicked up the side in the father face more than 10 feet, his father kicked after lying on the ground, Hwang also took a piece of more than twenty centimeters high hopes on the stone academy, in his father’s chest hit four or five. After wounding his father, Huang left the scene, returned to the scene half an hour later, and took his father back to the new house lying on the bed. His father died the night. Forensic identification: the victim was attacked by blunt external force, resulting in fracture of sternum, fracture of multiple ribs, rupture of lung, rupture of liver, hemorrhagic shock and death. At present, Hwang suspected of intentional injury, has been approved by the hospital arrest, the case is still under further investigation. (Editor) editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

男子因饭菜不合口味用石头将父亲打死   原标题:云南一男子因饭菜不合口味将其父打死   中新网昆明2月29日电(王祎)常言道“养儿防老”,可在云南省曲靖市麒麟区发生的一桩案件却令人大跌眼镜。该区一男子因其父亲做的饭菜不合口味儿将父亲打死,手段残忍。记者29日从云南省曲靖市麒麟区检察院获悉,该男子已被批捕。   黄某,男,34岁,麒麟区某镇村民。2016年1月8日17时,黄某从城里回到家里的老房子吃晚饭。在吃了两口后,嫌父亲做的菜不合口味儿,遂与其父发生争吵。当晚23时,黄某到老房子喊其父亲回新房子睡觉,二人行至老房子外场院时,其父停下不走,黄某上去揪着其父的衣领强行带回家,二人揪扯中均摔倒在地。黄某十分气愤,爬起来便用脚踢了侧卧在地的其父面部十多脚,其父被踢后平躺在地上,黄某又拿起场院上的一块二十余公分大的石头,朝其父的胸部砸了四五下。将其父打伤后黄某离开现场,半小时后再次返回现场,将其父抱回新房子床上躺着。当天晚上其父死亡。   经法医鉴定:被害人系被钝性外力打击致胸骨骨折、多根肋骨骨折、肺破裂、肝脏破裂失血休克死亡。   目前,黄某因涉嫌故意伤害罪,已被该院批准逮捕,案件还在进一步审理当中。(完) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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