The typhoon malakas East China coastal wind waves lift storm surge alarm – Beijing bleep

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The typhoon "malakas" East China coastal wind waves lift storm surge alarm – China news agency new network in September 16 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ruan Yulin) strong typhoon "malakas is gradually to China near the coast, is expected to be 17 to 19 days, Ocean east of Taiwan, the Taiwan Strait and the East China Sea will be a wild waves of the above process. Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, south coast will suffer typhoon storm surge invasion. China National Marine forecast 16 issued a storm surge yellow alert. The sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" on the evening of 15 to strengthen the strong typhoon, the 16 day early in 5 when its center is located in Taiwan city in Hualian Province, about 600 kilometers southeast of the Northwest Pacific ocean. "Malakas" is expected to gradually close to the east of Taiwan ocean, grazed the island of Taiwan northeast coast after turning northerly direction, into the East China Sea Chinese, then in the east coastal north. Under its influence, is expected to 16 noon to 17 noon, Ocean east of Taiwan will be 7 to 11 meters high waves to the turbulent region, east of Hainan will appear 4 to 6 M waves to the wild waves, the Bashi Channel, the waters near the Diaoyu Islands will be 3 to 5 M waves to waves district. Zhejiang, Fujian northern coastal waters will appear in the waves to the waves, the coastal waters of the alert level to blue. The National Marine forecast said that due to the coastal Fujian and Zhejiang Shanghai coincided with the Mid Autumn Festival astronomical tide period, the coastal astronomical tide is high, has been close to or even reach the blue warning tidal level. In this case, "Maleka" brings the storm surge and astronomical tide superimposed, the whole will likely increase the water, resulting in heavy storm surge disaster. By "malakas", is expected to 16 at night to 17 at noon, Zhejiang Wenzhou to Fujian along the coast of Quanzhou will be 20 to 80 cm of the storm surge, Fujian? Head and white Yantan tide station will be 16 on the night to alert local blue tide high tide, Zhejiang, Ruian, Fujian, San Sha Sha Cheng Chongwu and tide station will be around 17 noon at the local blue alert tide high tide. (end)相关的主题文章:

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