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"The west" demon volts Pilot Trailer actors, plot, effects in the Tencent (Wen Cheng Jia) entertainment Zhuangao 2013, a "journey to the west" drop the article kuangjuan 1 billion 246 million, a record number of box office records. Now it is a sequel to "the west" demon volts has come, continue to seize the new year stalls, will meet in the 2017 New Year’s day with the audience. In November 8th, the film held the first conference in Beijing, producer Stephen Chow and director Xu Kexie, starring Wu Yifan, Bao Beier, Battelle, Lin update, Yang Yiwei, Wang Duo starring such a public debut. This was only more than and 40 minutes of the conference, did not set the group visited links, a public key creative for this story is highly confidential, so that everyone on the "west 2" curiosity hanging to the top. Good day also released a 1 minute and 49 seconds of the trailer, and the "Master Wang Yeh finally see the king" ("king of comedy" and "Kung Fu King" together) secret, perhaps from the preview to see what. Role: the original and contrast, the pig is split in the film conference, mentoring four, Wu Yifan, Battelle, Yang Yiwei, Lin update, Wang Duo neat appearance. The reporter is not good at maths, four master is indeed played by five people. Among them, Yiwei Yang and Wang Duo play is two brothers, only one is "masked" "ugly" version of the pig, the other one is her sister was casual and elegant bearing, the bubble will appear in the U.S. version of "pig. The first trailer released at the scene, the other four is also the first exposure. A large smoked Sun Wukong (Lin update ornaments), face red sand monk (Battelle ornaments), mouth water dressy or foppish, pig (Yang Yiwei ornaments) are impressive, but Tang is a "makeup" the most light, basically is the beauty of young Wu Yifan nature out of play, as for the other "the U.S. version of" pig doppelganger, did not appear in the trailer. In addition, although in the trailer, several smaller lines starring the poor, but the child is father of the man four character, may be a glimpse of clues. In short, the original and the difference is not small. The earliest is a monk, his lines are also relatively large. The first is inexplicable won a "Lifetime Achievement Award", he thinks that he is deserved, and then reveal their force value is also good, "teacher a 100 is a very common thing, but I low-key I do not say, my Buddha’s palm and more powerful, because of my low me don’t say," dialogue is nonsense, sounds like bragging, but then does appear all the monk singled out the lens. So, this version of the monk will be fighting? "Monkey King Sun Wukong" appeared two times in "beggar", other quite unruly, but he dismissed the monk that sort ", seem don’t honour the teacher and respect his teaching. The same with a menacing look, there is no, according to the history of the most high young Battelle said, "he will become yiyanbuge fish in the movie". As for the pig, not only become an inexperienced youth, and looks is useless, please Sun Wukong, said the other body is very hard (don’t waste). In addition, there is one thing worth noting. Is to see the preview audience may feel strange, why not all of the actor’s mouth?! This is not the late brother’s fault, because it.相关的主题文章:

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