The world’s fifth largest brand Cognac Camus will hold the appreciation dinner – eat and drink in th mentalist

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The world’s fifth largest brand Cognac Camus will hold a dinner and appreciation – Sohu in China Market: music wine guest lookvin music wine guest is happy to drink, happy learning Wine media sharing platform, WeChat public number is: lookvin, hope to share the fun with more Wine buddy. From the world’s fifth largest brand Cognac CAMUS Camus Cognac news, France Camus Wine Group will bring its "Camus crown", "Camus classic special alcohol – Angel at 48.8" two star Cognac, in Haikou, Foshan held the "king and angels" high-end appreciation dinner, sharing in France Cognac and national celebrities. Camus as the world’s fifth largest brand Cognac, Cognac is the largest area still completely by the family controlled Cognac brewer, is the only one used 4 was selected as the world’s best Cognac (1984, 1987, 1989 and 1999) of the Cognac family. The family crest is a blooming flower, Camus Cognac by older Cognac drinkers (especially Guangdong, Hongkong and other regions) habit called "Jinhua Cognac", and is known to Chinese consumers. Camus Cognac as the French exquisite life philosophy advocates, will be in the national each big city tour held various tasting every year, has always been committed to the promotion of Cognac Chinese culture. The dinner in the first grade to the "king of wine" is known as the Royal Swedish Cognac Camus crown G.M.C. In nineteenth Century France Camus, the founder of Cognac? Pakistan Meredith? Camus for brewing in the eyes of the top of Cognac, decided to set up a cooperative La Grande composed by the producer Marque. In that there is no uniform year marks Cognac’s Cognac winery usually own the most proud of the deployment of Cognac branded name to mark the acceptance and pride. Then, a contains the spirit of the brand Camus crown G.M.C Cognac Yao then available, a launch that has become the king of Sweden and Kampuchea Royal Queen Cognac, enjoyed by the nobility. 150 years later, the fifth generation of the Camus family, is the incumbent president Cyril Camus? Open records of family family history of loose leaf notebook track and precious Cognac walkers, brand founded early nineteenth Century this iconic life water blending recipe vividly paper, Cyril? Mr. Camus decided to remodel this from nineteenth Century the sign of the water of life, and a new Camus crown G.M.C came into being. Second "angel" is a classic wine Camus special alcohol – Angel enjoy 48.8. This Cognac assembled the Camus family the most persistent pursuit of winemaking skills, it is undoubtedly a model of innovative areas and on behalf of Cognac. Cyril? Mr. Camus through family accumulation brewing experience, found the oak barrels used specific years barrel texture contains some very complex taste of the water of life, this wine is very rare. Camus Cognac R & D team through scientific research repeatedly, the old near the end of the water of life back into the oak barrels, clever use of the physical principle will be:相关的主题文章:

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