The world’s first optical amplifier can do can make new devices of optical attenuator the advent of coscoqd

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The world’s first optical amplifier can do can make new devices of optical attenuator the advent of Sohu technology recently, the U.S. Department of energy’s Laurence Berkeley national laboratory scientists made a magical device, the device can be used as optical amplifier can be used as optical attenuator. They tested the device in the communication band. The paper on the device was published in the November 7th issue of the journal Nature · optics. Berkeley, chief scientist at’s division of materials science, Xiang, says the device’s performance is somewhat counterintuitive because it has a dual function of Zhang. However, this feature can be used to realize high-speed signal modulation in optical communication, can also act as a multifunctional optical device, laser amplifier, modulator, absorber and sensor. Green beam. Left: the 1 phase of the input beam leading to the input beam 2, interference fringes fall in the amplification area, the output beam intensity is higher than that of the input beam, this device in laser mode. The 1 phase of the input beam behind the input beam 2, interference fringes fall in attenuation region, the output beam intensity is lower than the input beam, the device works in reverse mode laser. The laser attenuation "inverse laser" names "coherent whole absorber" (coherent perfect absorber (CPA)). The principle is the opposite of a laser: a laser creates a high brightness laser, while an inverse laser can completely absorb the incident laser. More than half a century ago, the laser has profoundly changed our lives, but the reverse laser was invented by scientists at the Yale University 5 years ago. The inverse laser can extract weak coherent signal in the background of incoherent noise, so it can be used as a very sensitive detector for physical and chemical processes. The first author, postdoctoral Zijing Weng (Zi Jing Wong) said that if there is a device capable of simultaneously with laser and laser inverse function, then the optical signal modulation of the device’s ability will be greatly improved, there is no upper limit in theory, causing the technology revolution of optical communication field. Therefore, the device is the optical industry has always been the pursuit of the goal. The scientists used nano fabrication technology, made of 824 pairs of optical materials and optical absorption materials, a total of only 200 microns long, a width of 1.5 microns (the width of the hair is also 100 microns). In each pair of structures, the bulk of the light is made of indium gallium gallium arsenic phosphorus material which is widely used in the manufacture of optical communication amplifiers. These paired structures are finely arranged into a resonant structure, the light propagates and reflects in the structure, and is amplified and attenuated. Scanning electron micrograph of a laser inverse laser. The amplification part is made of indium gallium arsenic phosphorus (InGaAsP) material, and the light absorption part is made of chromium (Cr) and germanium (Ge) material. The design ensures the symmetry of time and space of the laser inverse laser. Light lift相关的主题文章:

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