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Beauty diary | there is such a package, you can hold the travel time of all things! Sohu all over the world only 2% people to pay attention to the Xinshu Hu you are a special person beside you good friends, here is the first piece of beauty diary. "Your girl bag how so small ah, is to go out only with the earpick?" Look at me out from my small oblique bag and pulled out a bus card, my friend sent this question. From the beginning of last year, the resurgence of violent Mini package. The girls bags are more small, hate not only plug the next gener lipstick. I need to work with some things, but also to be honest for larger commuter bag. Some time ago before going out with friends, when things that even carry on their best package is not installed under all things need, it is necessary to feel suddenly start a good-looking and practical bulk package. To say the practical capacity of the package, the first reaction is Kipling. Before buying Kipling home accessories package to make up the bag, looks pretty not to say that it is quite durable. Spent nearly two years or like the last, and therefore has been the impression that the home of the Kipling are colorful and practical. A few days ago to the Kipling shop around, a fancy new Kipling× Sanna Mander CITY cooperative PACK shoulder bag in his hand back try several times, medium size is not too small, the feeling is very suitable for short distance travel back. A girl to go out with the broken pieces of the special, sometimes quite a while to find the bag casually, particularly bother. At first glance, this package is because there is a lot of light outside the backpack has a lot of practical pockets, both sides of the side bag, but also the water cup, folding umbrella what, take things very convenient. Carefully turned over the internal structure, but also dark pocket countless, can put the important cards, keys and so on in the inside. Although large and small pockets of many, it looks simple but not trivial. But at the same time the large capacity bag back is very portable. It can be said that every detail of the design is just right, deep in my heart. Usually used to send back uniform serious Commuter Bag, on the back of this lively and Kipling age backpack Stuffed Monkey accessories, collocation, instantly turned vitality girl. We listen to the clerk, this package is Finland Sanna Mander and Kipling graphic designer Kipling× Sanna Mander jointly launched a series of cooperation. The design of Sanna is quite consistent with feeling, Nordic designers often use animal tone, flowers and so on, the elements of nature coupled with vibrant colors, so that the entire Kipling× Sanna Mander; a lively and playful cooperation seems unusual. After all, our age, is not suitable for too childish pattern (inner cry). !相关的主题文章:

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