This pair of trousers, this year to occupy the fashion circle! (video)

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This pair of trousers, this year to occupy the fashion circle! When people carefully collocation with wide leg pants, trousers have been quietly back, and quickly swept the fashion circle. Stars and bloggers almost each one, collocation high-heeled shoes everyone is big legs! However, most of our ordinary people and not the double leg can make money, but like this and the length of the trousers is not good to wear is the bane of New York fashion week 2017: characteristics of Tory Burch fancy style is never out of date in spring and summer bellbottoms wrapped hip and thigh, and then from the knees began to spread, and to cover the entire leg also bellbottoms + foot, so if your hips are wide, thick thighs, and over a relatively fine leg, ankle and foot, will let the whole leg looks very strong! So today is to introduce the flared trouser this short length. Below the knee is slightly horn shape has the effect of cultivation, eight or nine show the length of the ankle part of the thin, can be modified under the body proportion, make legs look slender. A lot of love to wear the trousers are Icon, Miss Zhong had to walk around wearing it, to suit and cloak coat collocation, handsome is a word! 157cm Emma Rorberts is more than look example: short coat collocation nine flared pants, the little girl can instantly have long legs. Alessandra Ambrosio the supermodel freaky super skinny ankles exposed, even if I didn’t tell the ballet flats and straw shoes are not afraid of the fishermen ~ maybe some people would say, "is popular in Europe, this type of version is not suitable for Asian girl." Feel shy, your favorite cousin Liu Wen, leader of street explosion of large power power, fashionable pioneer Song Jia, and vermilion queen Jiang Shuying early wearing these pants show the perfect figure! So short a bell in the end how collocation is the most appropriate? Dazzling street shot is really no way to start, small series this tells you! With all kinds of summer shirt + trousers, white shirt striped shirt printed shirt ever with pencil pants collocation might come up with something new. And this choice short trousers, his shirt tucked into the pants waist to improve retro is trendy with boots to take you comfortable leisure shoes pants + sweater is the time to come up with the pressure on the bottom of your sweater. The most suitable for early autumn single product and bell collocation suits body looks warm enough body on the choice of nine trousers, reduce the overall feeling so bloated that bellbottoms + long coat has become this year a new Weila pants pants while are stylish but not for the thick thighs girl if you really want to you must wear on the outside a set cover the meat thin long coat let your body you have to learn to minimize the disadvantages of outfit was so bellbottoms +. The shoe pointed shoes can lengthen the leg line nine points and lines to repair the stovepipe pants is absolutely the little field if necessary explicit collocation collocation not love with pointy shoes or low heels wearing high-heeled shoes also show high thin effect is particularly suitable for autumn retro fashion taste you + nine points and bellbottoms shoes pants is how to how comfortable shoes!相关的主题文章:

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