This year, typhoon seventeenth ” catfish ” has been generated in Guangxi next week, the we punyu

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The seventeenth typhoon this year, " " has been generated; catfish; Guangxi next week the weather is a little big fluctuation of contemporary life newspaper reporter Hu Lingling, the clouds gathered, the evil wind down, Yongcheng sunny weather "single cycle" was finally broken in yesterday evening. The shower suddenly did not reach down trend, and the time is very short, but between heaven and earth, instantaneous can feel, before also slightly hot, cool immediately, not only is the temperature dropped by 17, when 29 to 18 DEG C when 25 DEG C for only an hour, but also get some fresh air up. In the weekend, the weather today is not so clear, from 23 PM to 24 days is expected, according to the Guangxi meteorological station, parts of Yulin, Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang, Nanning, Chongzuo City, showers, locally moderate rain, other areas cloudy to sunny area. The weekend will be out of the street, play close to see carefully, Nanning will have showers today! Showers! Showers! The important thing to say three times, you can go out do not forget to take a raincoat. Just last week the weather is really good to impress, most areas of the city have no rain, sun sun for more than a week, I put on before washing and airing quilt blankets, what have turned out, the smell of the sun makes people feel extremely happy to smell. However, the next week is not so perfect, the weather may be some waves, showers, sunny, the typhoon may come. It is said that before September 28th in Guangxi or in cloudy weather, but this year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has been generated, the swimming fish is now moving north west direction, forecast according to the current path, it may have landed in the 27 days before or after grazed in southern Taiwan close to the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong, 28 days ago, in this case, Guangxi is also likely to affect it within 29 days, -30 days, Eastern and southern Guangxi or there will be heavy rain, other areas of our region have moderate to heavy rain. Nanning City, the next 3 days weather forecast September 24th cloudy showers 25 -31 OC southeast wind 1-2 cloudy September 25th 24 -33 OC southeast wind 1-2 cloudy September 26th 25 -34 OC southeast wind 1-2 Guangxi 13 city weather forecast September 24th Guilin cloudy cloudy in Liuzhou 23 DEG -32 DEG 25 DEG -33 DEG -32 DEG C Yulin 23 Wuzhou cloudy cloudy 24 C -32 C 24 -31 OC Hechi Qinzhou showers cloudy cloudy Hezhou 22 DEG -30 DEG 22 DEG -32 DEG -31 DEG C Chongzuo 22 Baise cloudy showers 23 DEG -31 DEG -32 DEG C for 22 guests in Beihai cloudy showers cloudy Guigang 25 DEG -30 DEG 24 DEG -33 DEG -30 DEG C (Fangchenggang showers 25 sources of information Chinese weather station network in Guangxi)

今年第17号台风"鲶鱼"已生成 广西下周天气波动有点大   当代生活报记者 胡玲玲   妖风起、乌云聚、天幕垂,邕城晴好天气的“单曲循环”终于在昨天傍晚被打破了。阵雨突降,虽然没有达到倾盆之势,且时间也很短,但天地间瞬时就能感觉到,之前还稍显闷热,凉爽立刻袭来,不仅仅是气温下降,由17时的29℃到18时的25℃只用了一个小时,而且空气也变得有些小清新起来。   转眼又到周末了,今天的天气就没有那么晴朗了,从23日晚上开始到24日,根据广西气象台预计,玉林、钦州、北海、防城港、南宁、崇左等市的部分地区有阵雨,局部中雨,我区其他地区多云到晴。周末要出街、游玩的亲们看仔细了,南宁今天会有阵雨!有阵雨!有阵雨!重要的事情说了三遍,大家出门可不要再忘记带上雨具了哦。   刚刚过去的一周天气真的好得没话说,全区大部分地区都没有下雨,阳光足足晒了一个多星期,小记我把没有来得及洗晒的毛毯、被套什么的都翻了出来,阳光的味道让人闻着都觉得无比幸福。不过,接下来的一周就没有那么完美了,天气可能会有些波澜,阵雨、晴好、台风可能光顾。   据说9月28日之前广西大部还是以多云天气为主,但今年第17号台风“鲶鱼”已经生成,这只游来游去的“鱼儿”目前正向着西偏北的方向移动,按照目前的路径预测,它很有可能在27日前后登陆或擦过台湾南部,28日前后向闽粤沿海靠近,这样的话,广西也很有可能在它影响的范围之内,29日-30日,桂东、桂南或将出现大雨到暴雨,我区其他地区有中到大雨。   南宁市未来3天天气预报   9月24日 多云转阵雨 25℃-31℃ 东南风1-2级   9月25日 多云 24℃-33℃ 东南风1-2级   9月26日 多云 25℃-34℃ 东南风1-2级   广西13城市9月24日天气预报   桂林 多云 23℃-32℃   柳州 多云 25℃-33℃   梧州 多云 23℃-32℃   玉林 多云 24℃-32℃   钦州 阵雨 24℃-31℃   河池 多云 22℃-30℃   贺州 多云 22℃-32℃   百色 多云 22℃-31℃   崇左 阵雨 23℃-31℃   来宾 多云 22℃-32℃   北海 阵雨 25℃-30℃   贵港 多云 24℃-33℃   防城港 阵雨 25℃-30℃   (信息来源 中国天气网广西站)相关的主题文章:

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