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Tiangong two space to do the experiment and see what are the three big expectations – Sohu technology Tiangong two space laboratory by the resource class and experimental class is composed of two parts, space laboratory of China’s first truly. After the launch, it will wait for the arrival of astronauts in space, when there will be two astronauts working and living in it for 30 days. Tiangong two will complete the three tasks in space: astronaut mid resides, adding and maintenance of propellant in orbit test technology. Tiangong two will be equipped with more than 50 pieces of payload, carry out scientific experiments in space, and some new technology application. Scientists look through these experiments, can let me in front part of key areas of space science exploration direction into the advanced ranks in the world, an important discovery with international influence in the field of space technology; application, innovation and development of breakthrough and master some key technologies, leading China’s future space technology development, and provide solutions and verification as a major means of advanced application of problem solving national urgent demand, achieved remarkable benefits. Look forward to: space science is expected to make a major breakthrough in the forefront of physics. Manned space application system deputy chief designer Lv Congmin introduced, the key project of Tiangong two space laboratory three space science physics: space atomic clock experiments, space quantum key distribution test, gamma ray bursts polarization detection. These three projects are the forefront of international science, scientific significance. For example, space quantum key distribution using quantum polarization decoy method and earth dynamic bidirectional high precision tracking technology, realize the world super long distance quantum key transmission, and realize the business data space laser communication. The test will break and verify the quantum key generation, distribution, extraction, optical channel maintain and other key technologies, maintain our leading position in the field, for the future establishment of information security system can not decipher, the first establishment of quantum secure communication network laid the practical foundation. Look forward to two: a number of space application technology is expected to make a major breakthrough. Tiangong two space laboratory a number of application projects, reached the international advanced level, application significance, technology leading to significant. For example, with the satellite flight test to further verify the function of high density, small satellite on orbit release, reside along with the flight technology, separation and combination in the process of flight body release close to the imaging observation aircraft in the companion, and carry out a number of micro components of space experiments, to lay the technical foundation for future model of spacecraft formation flying. Look forward to three: a number of space science experiment is expected to make important progress. The thermocapillary convection in liquid bridge experiment will be carried out. Scientific experiments, scientific research problem of the liquid bridge volume effect and large Prandtl quadratic transition with our original scientific thought. Comprehensive material preparation experiment using new detectors and optoelectronic materials and nano high performance composite optical materials, thermoelectric conversion materials, multiple phase alloy new materials such as samples, with strong application background, the astronauts will replace multiple operations and recovery test sample for further analysis on the ground. Higher plant culture experiment will be carried out for the first time in microgravity environment相关的主题文章:

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