Tianjin passenger car in November to complete the lowest individual auction 25700 yuan jkforum

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Tianjin car November auction turnover of 25700 yuan to complete the lowest individual reporters from the City Transportation Commission was informed that the morning of November 25th, Tianjin total passenger car control bidding in November officially launched this month to the unit and individual configuration of ordinary cars incremental index 6131 to competitive bidding, the single index of 3165, individual indicators 2966. It is understood that the whole process of bidding by Tianjin Binhai notary office shall be notarized, bidders can be queried in the bidding system regulation Tianjin minibus indicators. This month for the lowest closing price of 25700 yuan per person, 10000 yuan; the average transaction price of 27150 yuan per person, 11604 yuan; the number of the lowest price for the 31 individuals, 24 units; the lowest price bid for the number of 26 people, 24 individual units. City Transportation Commission to remind bidders to pay attention to this issue after the end of the auction, the buyer shall, from November 28th to November 30th, in the non tax income specified in the collecting bank Business Hours settlement price clinch a deal. If the buyer is not in accordance with the provisions of closing the transaction price, as it gives up the incremental index, the auction deposit is not refundable. Has settled the transaction price of the buyer, on December 5th, in Tianjin passenger car control management information system Web site () to download or print to the service window to receive proof of the indicators.相关的主题文章:

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