Tianjin Tangshan million meters clearance clapnet rescued 3000 trapped bird – Beijing Channel mia farrow

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Tianjin Tangshan million meters clearance clapnet   rescued 3000 trapped bird – Beijing channel — people.com.cn original title: Tianjin Tangshan clear meters clapnet volunteers in the dismantling of illegal clapnet. Volunteers for trapped living birds. Recently, Tianjin and Hebei junction illegal Fowler rampant meters clapnet caused thousands of deaths of wild birds, the State Forestry Bureau yesterday sent the steering group to Hebei Tangshan, Tianjin Binhai New Area and other places, to combat poaching and illegal operation of birds and other wild animal protection work carried out on-site supervision, and resolutely curb illegal and criminal acts of destruction bird resources. 1 illegal hunting suspects have been arrested. The afternoon of September 29th, the city of Tianjin Binhai New Area of Hangu forestry station received the support of volunteers to report, Tianjin, Tangshan coastal large purse seine bird behavior. Bird protection volunteers actively rescue base in the early on, with several departments in Binhai New Area of agriculture, to the scene to remove bird online million meters, rescue trapped birds living more than 3000. Bird migration from Hulun Buir to the Gulf of Bohai is an important component of the eastern migratory route, one of the 8 major migratory routes in the world. Binhai New Area is located in the western part of Bohai is the most important part of the bird migration channel. According to bird protection volunteers Wang Jianmin introduced during the national day, from the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region more than 50 volunteers and government officials removed rescued birds, including the national key protected wild animal trapped in birds. "In previous years, patrol also noted a beach birds, but not so large scale this year. Some net continuous hundreds of meters long, many birds have died by hanging." Wang Jianmin said, Fowler equipment is very professional, equipped with a lawn mower. Some birds set in the reeds, concealment, the bird is placed around the trap. This year there are a large number of arrested birds Suzaku, Siberian Rubythroat, also found only 9 two national key protected wild animal Oriental angle?. At present, the Tianjin region and the Hangu eco city surrounding bird Seine has been cleared up. The volunteers also together with the police in Hebei, Tianjin and Hebei junction found a poulterer dens, seized 36 thousand birds have been flying. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) 天津唐山清除万米捕鸟网 解救3000只被困鸟–北京频道–人民网 原标题:天津唐山清除万米捕鸟网   志愿者在拆除非法捕鸟网。   志愿者供图   被困活体鸟。   针对近日津冀交界处非法捕鸟猖獗,万米捕鸟网导致数千只野生候鸟死亡事件,国家林业局昨天派出督导组前往河北唐山、天津滨海新区等地,对打击乱捕滥猎和非法经营鸟类等野生动物保护工作进行现场督导,坚决遏制破坏鸟类资源的违法犯罪行为。1名违法捕猎嫌疑人已被拘捕。   9月29日下午,天津市滨海新区汉沽林业站接到护鸟志愿者举报,天津、唐山沿海滩涂出现大面积围网捕鸟行为。护鸟志愿者们在前期积极解救基础上,与天津滨海新区农委等多部门联合,共同现场清除捕鸟网上万米,解救被困活体鸟类3000多只。   从呼伦贝尔到渤海湾的鸟类迁徙通道,是世界8条主要候鸟迁徙路线之一的东部迁徙路线的重要组成部分。滨海新区所在的渤海西部又是这一重要组成部分中最为关键的鸟类迁徙通道。据护鸟志愿者王建民介绍,国庆期间,来自京津冀地区的50多名志愿者和政府部门一起拆除鸟网,解救了包括国家重点保护野生动物等被困活体鸟。   “往年在巡护中也发现过滩涂有鸟网,但不像今年规模这么大。有的网连续有数百米长,不少被挂住的鸟已经死亡。”王建民说,捕鸟者设备非常专业,配备了割草机。有的鸟网设置在芦苇荡里,隐蔽性强,周围放置了诱鸟器。今年被捕的鸟类有大量朱雀、红喉歌鸲等,此外还发现了9只国家二级重点保护野生动物东方角?。   目前,天津区域内汉沽及生态城周边捕鸟围网已基本清理完毕。志愿者们还连同河北警方,在津冀交界处发现一个鸟贩窝点,查获鸟类3.6万只,已全部放飞。据新华社 (责编:鲍聪颖、高星)相关的主题文章:

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