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Learn these 6 tips to make your photos in the circle of friends of deus ex lead: Eleven golden week friends photography contest will begin! Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Two drinks to share with you, just a few washed clothes. These small details of life with fresh and elegant, simple and clean style, a record of the photographer little emotion, a small state, people feel warm. This style is often referred to as the Japanese small fresh, Japanese photography is a popular Japanese shooting style and aesthetic taste. Today, we have to learn how to shoot a small fresh photos. Japanese style each film has its own unique, but not all of the films are suitable for japanese. For example, if a grand event in the history of Japan itself has lost its sense. For example, the vast territory of a Japanese will seem especially lightweight. Japan is also a choice, not all films are applicable. The scope of the Japanese Japanese film the theme is often in the life of the animal, and fine scenery, small human emotions and so on, and also Japanese travel has an individable connection, in a scene of travel records encountered one, add fresh color, will make reading the people yearning. Because of its uncertain factors (time, location, etc.), the day of the day is mostly made of natural light. Natural light shooting of the film, without the slightest intention of the composition, the picture is more transparent. Will also allow the photographer to relax more naturally. Most of the day’s light soft, rainy day is also an excellent choice to shoot the japanese. On the composition of Japanese main shoot is to record life, so the composition also stressed that highlight the theme, composition is mostly middle type composition, and photographers often use wells font, and golden composition etc.. The Japanese shot is still the best choice for 50mm fixed focus lens, similar to the human eye, add a very good bokeh function, can show good visual effect. The portrait words to choose the best 24-70mm zoom, free to capture. Japanese color palette in order to achieve the basic bright and clean, fresh effect. I think in the color process to remember the three principles: light, clear, green. Japanese small fresh tend to cool colors, can add a bit late in the filming to, should also pay attention to the blank. Japanese famous photographer Iwata Shunsuke and Kawashima Kojima recommended is a Japanese photographer, I love the most, in addition to Moriyama, Aoyama Hiro enterprises, Kawashima Kotori, Nobuyoshi Araki and so on, their photography seems very simple Duokanjibian intriguing. Japanese photos, always revealed a strong and warm atmosphere, just like the ordinary life scene is simple and pure, soft and beautiful…… Save;  相关的主题文章:

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