To the English silver resolution to join the U.S. retail celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival

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Xiang Zhengwen: English silver resolution to join the United States and the Mid Autumn Festival wish retail clients view the latest market domestic stock market closed, most enjoy a holiday vacation, but the foreign exchange market is still running. The overnight market is subdued, in the absence of important data, foreign exchange market trading more active, in August compared to different light. The dollar index fell into our triangle finishing, waiting for next week’s FOMC, the officials of the quiet period, so the dollar will appear on the whirling frequent switching, long and short; yesterday the U.S. dollar index repeatedly test the 95.60 resistance did not break the fast fall back, thus pushing up short-term non US currencies Rally, except the euro has been to maintain the shock of the situation, the 1.1200 mark does not decline, short-term rebound in the range of finishing reinforcement. The pound and the commodity currencies AUD, NZD is maintained in a rapid Fanchou after falling prices, but the weak did not change, while the dollar against major currencies, the United States and Japan, the United States and Canada, the United States Rui show differentiation in the short-term dollar weakness, Japan and the other low, because crude oil continued to decline, push up Canada rebound in crude oil inventories decreased slightly, not enough to change the weak. Today, more important news, announced in early August Australia’s unemployment rate fell slightly to 5.6%, the data is good, but the Australian dollar did not rise but fell slightly, showing the weak commodity currencies. The afternoon of the European session, on August UK retail sales data, the data is expected to poor -0.4%, the previous value of 1.4%, the need for vigilance results and the poor, under 0, negative growth in the state, the pound will lower pressure, if the above 0 pounds, there will be a small rebound in the market, will not be out of the market rose by night and the Bank of England [micro-blog] in the interest rate decision, the central mother before, data will be weakened. About the British central bank interest rate decision, the market is widely expected to halt the troops and wait Australia and Canada and Europe last week, three major central banks and the Bank of England in August to halt the troops and wait, just cut interest rates and the expansion of QE, September will not rush to action, and resolution before the Fed and other central banks will be in a wait state; the investment banks have turned to at the end of the year, the central bank will cut interest rates even further expand the loose etc.. For tonight UK interest rate decision, stability is not the market, the key will release the expected future loose, it will also weighed on the pound, President Carney, whether the reliable man will jump out of speech etc. affect the disk is also the focus of attention tonight. US retail sales data called the terrorist known as the last stage, August retail sales rate itself is not good, the previous value of 0 growth, is expected to -0.1%, as reflected in another important indicator of inflation, will also affect the market for the Fed rate hike expectations, so if the data is higher than expected in 0 level. That will benefit the USD to suppress non US currencies and gold, if expected even lower than expected, an opposite effect. The euro against the U.S. dollar: still finishing the interval, the top 1.1265-70 resistance can be short, stop 1.1290, near the target of 1.1210, below the 1.1200 will further decline in the evening.相关的主题文章:

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