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Total investment amount: the stock market rebound in the main notes to play with you? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls to you yesterday, the first trading day after the Mid Autumn Festival, the market was finally ushered in a rebound. Stock index rose 23.20 points to 3026.05 points, the Shanghai index closed almost daily a marubozu candle. I believe a lot of friends have such a question, after yesterday’s rally, the market will take this opportunity to launch a new offensive? But up to see yesterday’s low volume, for the main sincerity, but the hearts of a big question mark. Yesterday, as in "brother number daoda (micro signal: daoda1997)" early review article pointed out that the "insurance capital shot again, a white horse shares was placards"! Originally, as brother thought, Yili is sunshine insurance placards, may make the market waves backwater. As a result, shortly after the issue of the article issued, Erie shares issued a notice, is planning major events, yesterday began emergency suspension. The scene reminded me of Vanke had been placards, and emergency suspension. It seems, as long as they are good company, good stocks, institutions are rushing to ah, listed companies are more nervous, for fear of losing right of control. Now, Yili shares estimated one thirty will not resume trading. However, this does not affect the market yesterday appeared a turnaround. After the morning opened slightly higher, the stock index has a modest upward, after the air did not encounter too many obstacles, the final prev also high in the smooth ending all day long. Look at stocks, stocks yesterday limit disappeared, the largest decline in ikang science and technology fell 8%. However, the love of science and technology fell, but also because of the suspension two months after the resumption of trading, there is a very normal. The increase in the list, the number of stocks trading yesterday increased significantly, reaching more than and 30. At the same time, the hot spots began to appear, graphene plate once again strong, nuclear power sector has become a new hot spot. Overall, the first trading day after the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of improvement than the previous market heat. However, yesterday’s rally, really fly it? Does it mean that the new market will start? Personally, I think, for the time being can not conclude this, at least to observe a few trading days. First of all, record the amount of turnover yesterday, the Shanghai stock market turnover of only 133 billion 170 million yuan. This volume, even lower than the last trading day of the holiday (September 14th) of 148 billion 100 million yuan. From this point of view, to create the volume of the rebound is not normal. Volume is too low, indicating that the main force is still waiting to see the bulls. What are they looking at? I have said that after the adjustment of the market, the impact of U.S. stocks is more obvious. The first two days, New York has suffered a sudden event, the bombings so we will wait and see what the U.S. stock market yesterday evening to see how, if U.S. stocks again appear repeatedly, then the A shares may also be implicated. Secondly, before the market fell below the 60 day moving average, although the rebound yesterday, but failed to recover the 60 day line. So, the next is to look at this position in the end can be discussed相关的主题文章:

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