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Tracking of telecommunications fraud black chain (Economics focus) – Finance – (Xinhua News Agency) Zhai Guixi painted recently, many telecommunications fraud incident caused widespread concern. Reporter survey found that telecommunications fraud is easy to succeed, the first is through all aspects of universities, government and business platform, a large number of personal information is wanton trading, on the other hand is a false caller ID number is extremely deceptive. Industry experts said that the current network investigation technology has been sufficient to deal with personal information leakage, telecommunications fraud cases. The Ministry of the relevant responsible person said, will focus on remediation of the source of false telephone fraud, the telecommunication industry to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the calling number, timely stopping and blocking illegal dissemination of information. The information disclosure of personal information disclosure, corporate and personal assets most closely in many of the industry view, the development of Internet technology, especially the basic personal information information ID number, address, telephone and other aspects in the process flow are revealed. "We may have become the information ‘transparent’." A network security experts say. Personal information leakage is undoubtedly the university." Cheetah mobile security experts Li Tiejun said that some departments and units themselves because of weak data management awareness or database security is weak, it is easy to leak information. Once hackers find a loophole, you can exploit this vulnerability to attack all the same type of site, resulting in a large area of information leakage. Due to the weak management awareness caused by leakage, particularly outstanding performance in the university. Among them, QQ group can be said to be the most technical content but not effective channel. Reporters through the QQ chat software input art and other departments referred to, without any obstruction, they will be directly added to a "12 level art design" QQ group, from the group information, the group belongs to Yantai University. The reporter found 3 copies directly marked "list" of the document within the group, in the "construction and poor student loan list", the name, School of graduation, ID number, mobile phone number, the amount of loans and other detailed information completely unmasked. Another confirmation of the list of graduates repayment, but also to find the same amount of repayment, the repayment date, etc.. The enterprise of personal information disclosure should not be overlooked, these data and personal assets with more closely. Such as Jingdong, Taobao and other shopping platform to grasp the customer online shopping orders, airlines and other companies to grasp the flight ticket information, a variety of mobile banking APP has personal financial accounts, etc.. Even if only one piece of information is used by fraudsters to succeed, it will result in property damage. The 4 part of Shenzhen Qianhai credit company information security director Dai Pengfei has combed the online shopping orders, find that there are 13 kinds of information may be leaked, including the business aspects of internal reselling, virus attack, information monitoring, user link account stolen, logistics insiders reselling, business platform links internal reselling, system vulnerabilities. Reporter in August 20th in the Baidu Post Bar search data related to stick, found a lot of suspicious transactions personal information post. Reporters then in the data resources, it added a random two QQ numbers, the other said, you can buy online shopping orders相关的主题文章:

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