Trend of price index of computer industry in China in February

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In February 2016, China’s computer industry price index trend, China’s computer industry price index trend, the computer price index fell 1.96 points in February 2016, China’s computer price index was 90.15 points, compared with January fell 1.96 points. From several product lines, the average annual average price of laptops, tablet PCs, desktop computers and computers is 6015 yuan, 2384 yuan, 4987 yuan and 6354 yuan respectively. Two, Chinese notebook computer market price index trend of notebook computer and tablet computer price index fell this month notebook computer price index fell, tablet computer price index is also a slight downward trend, two are rising in two consecutive weeks after the first decline trend. In terms of specific trends, the laptop price index was 99.36 points, down 4.37 points from the previous month; the tablet PC price index was 77.15 points, down 3.53 points from the previous month. Sample description: computer industry price index trend analysis this month, involving a laptop, desktop computers, tablet PCs and one computer, a total of four product lines, statistics of a total of 4891 products, of which 28 products weighted the price of Jingdong and amazon. The number of manufacturers involved is 88 (the number of manufacturers is not repeat statistics). Note: the ZDC price index is the most influential index reflecting the fluctuation trend of China’s IT market price. The index in February 21, 2011 for the first time publicly released, the base year is January 1, 2011, the base index is 100.

2016年2月中国电脑整机行业价格指数走势   一、中国电脑整机行业价格指数走势   电脑整机价格指数下跌1.96点   2016年2月,中国电脑整机价格指数为90.15点,较1月下跌了1.96点。从涉及的几条产品线来看,笔记本电脑、平板电脑、台式电脑与一体电脑全年均价分别为6015元、2384元、4987元和6354元。   二、中国笔记本电脑市场价格指数走势   笔记本电脑和平板电脑价格指数都出现了下跌   本月笔记本电脑价格指数有所下跌,平板电脑价格指数也有小幅下降的趋势,二者都是在连续两周上升后首次出现下降的趋势。具体走势方面,笔记本电脑价格指数为99.36点,较上月下跌了4.37点;平板电脑价格指数为77.15点,较上月下降了3.53点。   样本说明:本月电脑整机行业价格指数走势分析共涉及了笔记本电脑、台式电脑、平板电脑和一体电脑共四条产品线,统计产品数量共为4891款,其中28款产品加权了京东和亚马逊价格。涉及厂商数量88家(厂商数量不重复统计)。   注:ZDC价格指数是反映中国IT市场价格波动趋势最有影响的指数。该指数于2011年2月21日首次公开发布,基期为2011年1月1日,基期指数定为100。相关的主题文章:

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