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Science Most of the turtles do not enjoy life here on earth. The lifespan of the turtle varies widely depending on the type or species. Unlike the ordinary animal pets, turtles can live for a long period of time such that they can even outdo their owners. The aquatic species can survive for more than 70 years while some of the land tortoises can survive for at least 150 years or more. This also depends on the different turtle species. The red eared sliders are highly popular turtles chosen for keeping as pets by most of the people; they can survive for around 50 to 70 years. The average span of life for box turtles is 40 years. On the other hand, the African Spurred Tortoise is the largest tortoise on the mainland of Africa and the third largest in the world. They can survive form 80 to 100 years. The Galapagos are the slowest moving; they are capable of reaching up to 150 years or more. Aldabra giant tortoise might be the oldest creature that ever lived. No matter how the lifespan of the turtle is, it cannot make it natural life without exercise of its keepers. With enough knowledge of the turtle by the owner about proper husbandry of the turtle, turtles will be able to enjoy a healthy living, fit and long life span. Turtles like any other animal species have a right to have the best of their life spans by enjoying their existence on earth. Our children have a right to see them alive. We dont want a time to .e when our children and childrens of our children will only see these creatures on pictures. Therefore, if you consider owning a turtle as a pet, you should equip yourself with enough knowledge in order to be able to offer them the best in life. By so doing, you will be contributing to the improvement in the mortality rate of tortoises and turtles, hence maximizing the quality and length of their lives. Turtles are turtles; they will always call for attention and care to help them have a healthy living. In fact, they cannot survive on ordinary tank. They need conducive environment, vitamins, temperature, lighting and water filtration system. If you are not careful about putting some extra effort for a mini pet turtle, then you need to set your time a side. Dont make an innocent species live an unhappy and miserable life because you owned it with the wrong reason. Consider learning more about them and the different turtle species. Consult former and present owners of the turtles because they can be the best sources of information. Ask them about the struggles they have gone through as well as the fun they have enjoyed for owning turtle. By this you will be able to acquire original information; especially on the best care they can be given. This will enable you to always make sure that your tortoises and turtles are healthy and source of your joy in future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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