Uber really wants to heaven! Ten years later, you can go out on a ride boee

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Uber really wants to "heaven"! Ten years later, you can go out on the ride Uber is also trying to change the way land transport. At the same time, it is not only satisfied with this, it wants to develop a vehicle can be applied to urban traffic. Of course, Uber is not trying to develop the kind of like a helicopter. The San Francisco based company said it would organize a meeting to discuss the development of an aircraft, called VTOL, capable of vertical takeoff and landing. That is the new Uber Elevate project. Uber said: we believe that in the future, VTOL will become people’s daily travel mode of transport, it costs even lower than owning a private car. We can choose cooperation for VTOL hardware manufacturing, automobile includes developers, regulators, government and other stakeholders, the market prospect is very broad, at that time travel would be very simple." Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick has launched a series of full of futuristic devices, and Google CEO Larry Page competition. Google has 18 years of history can be said to be the master of the art of the future, it holds the augmented reality, self driving vehicles and human life extension of the top three technologies. Page also personally invested in those who are engaged in the study of the creation of speed. According to Bloomberg News reported on June, just a record Zee.Aero this year, Page has invested less than $100 million. Some of Google’s bizarre brain holes did not get any good results, such as Google Glass. Although its unmanned project does not yet have commercial feasibility, but it does promote the entire automotive industry to carry out related research. Uber, founded in 2009, currently employs a researcher at the Carnegie Mellon University to conduct its own unmanned research. In addition, it also acquired the self driving Truck Company Otto. Recently, Uber has been used in the implementation of the unmanned vehicle in pittsburgh. With Uber turned his attention to speed, the company also admitted that related studies have spent several years in time. Although this may sound like a dream, we believe it will come true in the next ten years. Want to launch the car, Uber also solve many problems, including management systems, battery technology, flight noise and security issues.相关的主题文章:

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