Use The Right Cleaning Products To Keep Employees

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Customer Service Recent surveys have begun to show that .panies that are located within office buildings that have been cleaned with green chemicals are less likely to have employees calling out sick. They have even done some studies showing that people are able to concentrate better overall. That is why Giuseppe Grammatico, the president of Heits Building Services- Central and Northern N.J., says that it is important to choose the right cleaning .pany and the right cleaning products for your business. Numerous studies have been done to show that using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions is safer for the janitorial workers who clean office buildings. However, additional studies are now beginning to show that these same cleaning solutions make the office environment safer for the people who work there during the daytime as well. As the head of a premier janitorial service .pany in NJ, I frequently talk to people about the safety of the chemicals used to clean their office buildings. In fact, the green solutions my .pany uses are among the safest in the industry. The green chemicals are not only great for the cleaners, they are also safer for the people who work in the building. Potential Risks As we know, traditional harsh chemicals will leave a residue behind that people who work in the office are forced to inhale all day long. Even chemical solutions that are artificially made to smell like fruits or other tropical scents tend to actually give off fumes that could be dangerous if they are inhaled too frequently. Other chemicals smell great, and the place might smell clean, but they are still releasing chemicals into the air that we should not be breathing. These issues with fumes and residues are only .pounded due to the fact that many office buildings do not have windows that can be opened regularly. For the most part, with a lot of the office buildings I have been in, you are not allowed to open the windows. So the best you can do is to open the front door. That means that employees who work in these facilities are being forced to breathe the same air as everyone elseair that could be contaminated with excessive chemicals. Green Cleaning Instead of using bleach and other harsh chemicals, my NJ janitorial service .pany cleans with solutions that have no noxious smell and leave no residue behind. In addition to using green cleaning solutions, my employees are taught about the benefits of using microfiber cloth systems and HEPA vacuum filters to trap dust and remove dander from the air and ground. The HEPA filters on vacuums are especially helpful for increasing the health of employees, because otherwise, carpet dust could be spread onto desks and into the air each night. With all of the benefits of green cleaning, its a wonder why every janitorial service in NJ doesnt apply the same standards as Heits Building Services- Central and Northern N.J. Unfortunately, few other .panies use as many earth-friendly cleaning solutions as my .pany. MSDS Sheet I re.mend asking for an MSDS sheet to find out exactly which chemicals a janitorial service is planning on using in your office building. A lot of times, the business’ website will say whether its green seal certified. But more importantly, the best thing to do is to ask for the MSDS sheet. An MSDS sheet will specify exactly which chemicals are being used to clean any facility, including the pH levels, the alkaline, and anything else of importance. It will also say if its a green chemical, if its toxic, and what it can be used on. It is worthwhile to ask you current cleaning .pany for this information if you are at all concerned about the health and well-being of your employees. You can request the MSDS sheet, and it is a one page sheet that specifies exactly what that chemical is and how safe that chemical really is. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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