Vacant low-income housing should calculate livelihood account not as strictly accountability adobe gamma

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"Vacant" low-income housing should calculate livelihood account   not as strictly accountability — Finance — audit released 2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results show that recently, there are 190 thousand sets of affordable housing for supporting infrastructure lag and other reasons, and not when delivered or idle. There are public opinion analysis, the local government on the protection of housing construction and management responsibilities are not clear, the security of the housing distribution management system is imperfect, resulting in frequent housing security reasons. Netizens suggested that the increase of the local government and relevant departments of the responsibility efforts, for low-income housing construction, distribution and use of the whole process of meticulous management, through scientific assessment and urge local performance of low-income housing supply responsibility, should calculate the livelihood of this account, "to accelerate the low-income housing vacancy". "Not as" shall be in strict accountability of integrated media reports, the proportion of supply and demand is not complete, the geographical position is too remote, inconvenient traffic, poor infrastructure and other factors are the cause of low-income housing vacancy, but low-income housing "have no room for the live on land and a waste of money, also makes people sad, party the Central Committee and the State Council sincerely for the people, but some places are let go like good policy at the grassroots level. Internet users call for accountability is very high. Netizens said that one is accountable to the local government in the construction of low-income housing in the process of "Inaction" or "Hu as" for low-income housing needs for scientific decision-making management. "There is no room for the strange phenomenon of" netizens, "Li said:" without "ask the location problem, government facilities can not keep up, the operation is also a problem. Who will live in the house?" Netizens repair talent, said: the protection of the housing, we must make it clear that the details are to be publicized, allowing the public to report supervision. The person responsible for lifelong accountability, strict law enforcement. This kind of cheating, ultimately damage the interests of the people." People’s livelihood should pay attention to the satisfaction of the masses of Internet users believe that good policy must be accompanied by the implementation of strong supporting policies, so as to truly play the role of affordable housing. Internet users, Wang Dean com said, affordable housing policy is good, Huimin policy to the place where some have disappeared, and some in the implementation of an alternative interpretation, some people do not know. Internet users deep sea proposal, should be set up responsible for the operation and management of affordable housing, improve transparency, so that there is a real need for people to live in affordable housing. At the same time, increase the intensity of cash subsidies, so that low-income people have more choices to prevent large-scale housing waste. Netizen blue star that affordable housing is a major event for the people’s livelihood, local governments should be in place, supporting, distribution and other aspects of scientific decision-making, accept social supervision. Who should also be clear who is responsible for the supervision of the accountability mechanism, put an end to the protection of low-income groups, housing has become a number of local cadres face room and a small number of violations of the welfare housing". Netizen "Ming Jian said, should adhere to the guidance of people’s livelihood, to establish a more scientific evaluation system of low-income housing construction, people’s livelihood multi calculate accounts, the assessment of the baton from project start rate change rate of satisfaction for the masses. (reporter Ceng Dejin finishing) (Prince Yang Xi Hou, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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