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Medicine Vitamins are needed for the body to have normal growth and development. You will need to have vitamins specifically at certain times of your life to avoid disease. When you are a child, you need certain vitamins like folic acid upon conception or things like spinal bifida will develop. As you age, you still need vitamins to help you life a full life. People who are older tend to have issues with their bones and muscles. To keep their metabolism up and to keep the bones strong, you have to have vitamins. So how do you get vitamins? One way is by eating healthy foods. Make sure that you are eating right and that you keep your body active by walking or doing some light exercises. The other way is by taking supplements. Many people will call supplements vitamins, but the truth is, that they don’t have as many vitamins in them as you think. When it .es to supplements, you will find that the benefits sound great, but some have so many fillers that you may not be getting the nutrients that you think. Supplements are to help encourage health awareness, but they are not medication. Before you begin to take supplements, you should consult your doctor. Make sure that you doctor knows that you are thinking about taking supplements and ask them if there would be a problem if you did. There are certain medical conditions and medications that cannot be mixed with certain supplements. In the United States, the FDA does not regulate supplements. They are considered to be a low dose that cannot harm anyone, however, supplements still can cause you harm if you mix supplements with other supplements or medication that doesn’t work well together. They say right on the bottle that they cannot treat, diagnose, or even help any medical condition that you have or may think that you have. They cannot cure a disease they only promote health awareness. You will find that vitamin supplements have serious unwanted effects on people. You cannot take them before surgery and these supplements contain vitamins that you would not normally get from your food. They have a higher rate of vitamin in them and have vitamin levels higher than found in food.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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