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Wake up your wardrobe, don’t put the sweater when pajamas, see what people wear fashionable [Abstract] recently is the school season, the comments every day many students come to the party I write student outfit, which is the highest voice of sweater. From the autumn is more and more close, indeed to the season wore sweater. But is not the patent of student party sweater, this comes with a youthful sense of a single product, Cougar, Cougar light can not be missed. So many people said a sweater, or think it is the single product, or wear leisure travel by plane at. In fact, sweater can also wear fashionable and advanced. For example, last week introduced Italy beauty Diletta Bonaiuti, put the sweater worn by piercing the blue words conform to no conventional pattern, see. As a classic sweater single product, never been out of fashion, every autumn and winter, there are always a few pieces of sweater will become explosive, stars and bloggers are dressed awfully. We don’t take a sweater when pajamas! Look at how fashionable people wore sweater can frequently become explosive, and its practicality is inseparable, in addition to the summer, spring and autumn winter season can wear three. Because, from the very beginning, it is practical. The last century in the United States in 30s in New York, was originally designed to give players the sweater before and after wearing to maintain body temperature, to the 50, 60s, because of good insulation effect, by cold storage workers as tooling, construction workers also depend on it through the winter. And it began to fire, because olive players like to wear their girlfriend. Sweater is indeed super easy to walk along the ticket from the male wardrobe, but also more than he wore nice clothes. So in 70s, with the rise and spread of Hip Hop, a hoodie and become a fashion symbol. You can see the figure in the old sweater many classic drama. Such as "Friends" in Rachel ~ you through your closet is also lying a few pieces of sweater, often as a home service, not willing to lose and don’t know how to dress fashion. Today is to wake up your wardrobe, put one sweater out out of the ordinary fashion fan ~ conventional method can also wear good-looking, as long as the sweater sweater collocation is the most common throughout the high streets and back lanes, pants, simple and not wrong. Seize the tail of the summer, the weather is now the most suitable for direct denim shorts, vibrant students dress up. You can do this with a variety of styles sweater. We choose not Lily Collins denim shorts, with black and white looks more elegant, with large red lips, youthful vitality in the woman. We ordinary sweater with tight pants, a lot of people will wear that, always feel a little ordinary. Don’t want to look too casual shoes, remember the good law. Compare a. So Liu Wen red with green is very beautiful. So some vintage waist jeans and sweater is no problem. This color is like Collocation: blue with green, dark blue with light blue, blue and yellow. Because you sweater soft materials, with tough material and look more fashionable. So, the material such as cortex, cowboy pants sweater are also good. Soft material is also very suitable for wear. We would also like to wear the conventional dress better than others? Can in the sweater style. For example, choose a particular style. We now.相关的主题文章:

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