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Wave Wang Endong: data socialization, computing + will be re evolutionary momentum – Sohu technology data is surrounded and transform the world. According to market research firm App Annie predicts that in 2020 the global data will reach 35ZB. In the data warehouse is becoming more and more huge, more and more pressure on the calculation of today, the calculation will not become the bottleneck of human wisdom society? In the 2016 wave of technology and application summit, President, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Endong in his keynote speech clearly pointed out: "implementation of the wave of the group data resource is a prerequisite for social data, and the calculation is the key data resources of the load calculation + will become a data engine in the evolution of motive power." Data explosion, computing power will become the source of social data Wang Endong in the keynote speech, describes the rapid expansion of data resources, data socialization industry background. As the intelligent terminal rapidly promoting the mobile Internet industry, mass sensor merged into all Internet giant data stream. According to BI Intelligence in the research report predicts that by 2020, the world will have up to 34 billion devices connected to the Internet, which will reach the networking equipment of 24 billion units. According to market research firm App Annie predicts that the global smart phone and tablet PC ownership, will reach 6 billion 200 million in 2020, compared to the number of holdings in 2016, there will be a huge increase of 139% of the amount of the amount of the amount of the amount of the market will be more than 2 billion 600 million. These new massive equipment and in the past, most of them are connected to the Internet, and the amount of data per day was born more amazing, when each device generates multiplication in the amount of data and the amount of equipment have surged, so that multiplication is likely to form a terrorist explosion index. Wang Endong calculations account data, now an intelligent terminal with the average of 16 kinds of sensors, which can generate the 1GB data every day, if calculated in accordance with the global 2 billion 600 million smart terminal, the amount of data a day added up to 2.6EB; the public security organs now installed Chinese monitoring camera nearly 3 million units, the data are usually for 30 days, which will produce huge data 3EB. If in accordance with the 34 billion devices connected to the Internet in 2020, when the human society will generate the amount of data will be as high as 35ZB (1ZB data, the need for 30 square ITB hard disk can be installed under the). Some people regard the big data as the future of the most important means of production, its future strategic value even more than oil. But as the excessive delicacy in front of a gourmet, limited stomach digestion, means ". Similarly, excessive data will bring "indigestion", currently the world’s fastest power · Taihu light peak stress is 125PFlops, realize the need to have nearly a hundred times the lifting distance of E calculation, so when faced with ZB level data, enhance the computing power becomes imminent. In Wang Endong view, in this process, in the front of the intelligent device for data acquisition, data in the pre processed to form valuable information through the network transmission.相关的主题文章:

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