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Wang Meiying "absolutely life back" premiere of "Mulan" love army – Sohu Wang Meiying entertainment "absolutely life guard division" Sohu entertainment news recently, by CCTV, China TV production center, the CPC Fujian provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly produced a TV series "breaking back division", in the CCTV broadcast. As a commemoration of the eighty anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army focused on the creation of drama, the drama over 30s century in the history of the 34 division of the Red Army hero heroic deeds for the material and the creation, the key moment focus on major historical turning period of the performance of the Red Army is of vital importance, a hard journey in our party’s history. Actor Wang Meiying starred in the drama actress Li Manyu, childhood sweetheart husband quietly follow up March on the road as a lover and a country galloping across the battlefield, staged the revolution "Mulan" stories. The actor Wang Meiying as the red thirty-four division only female soldier Li Manyu in the play, but also in the revolutionary war the main theme of the man in the play, telling each other revolution between husband and wife, or love highlights. As an ordinary female Hakka, Li Manyu martial arts since childhood, who has a Hakka honest and tough, hard-working quality, but also facing the country is in the service of the ideological sublimation. Start when the army is out of love for her husband and give up, regardless of the family stopped quietly to conceal the identity of the army, the revolutionary way silently paid for love, to take care of her husband, a good kung fu fighting on the battlefield, carrying more than and 20 pounds of gun fire smoke in the wind and rain; later, when she saw one side at the expense of his comrades, change this little love for his country to victory in the revolution of love, from an ordinary keep love Hakka women degenerated into truly revolutionary fighters. More sophisticated in the mission, as military duties, all for the victory of the revolution to fight bravely sacrifice their own. This revolution or small family homes for everyone, love is more and more people moved. Turning to the role, and the role was shot in the past, the ancient spirit demon female knight or noble daughter of a wealthy family, the first starred in the play the role of the wife of soldiers, in addition to carefully study the role after receiving the script, what kind of feelings between lovers and give up the tacit understanding, also observe a lot in historical data, hope to restoration a century of Hakka children honest and sincere, from the details to show his love for her husband to the audience. For example, two eye contact, to help her husband to mend clothes when not conceal the gentle, saw her husband injured when the anxiety and pain etc.. Hope that through the details of expression of emotions and reproduction in order to give the audience a love follow husband Hakka woman image, is fighting in the battlefield of the female one, ordinary women are attracted to love, like the couple all turmoil of the same family want to protect their loved ones. With the hope of "breaking back division" hit, you will enjoy the role of Li Manyu, cherish the revolutionary martyrs with life for peace feelings.   相关的主题文章:

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