Weak cold air brings a slight decrease in the temperature of Guangdong-viper12a

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Weak cold air brings a slight drop in the air temperature in Guangdong. It should be sunny and dry in the sun, and the air is dry. The two innocence is a good time to wash. Of course, there is still a cool morning and evening. No matter walking or running, even sweat is much less. It’s really a word "cool". Of course, there are relatively strong ultraviolet rays. You should still be good at sunscreen. The good news is that this morning and evening coolness will not only continue, but also further improve, because there is weak cold air. The bad news is that the cloud is increasing and there are partial showers, but most of the time is fine. The meteorological department predicted that, affected by the weak cold air, the temperature of Guangdong province dropped slightly from 19 to 20. 19, eastern Guangdong and Leizhou Peninsula cloudy, local showers, the rest of the city and county clear to cloudy; 20 to 21 days, a large part of the cloud, some cities and counties have showers. Guangzhou is clear to cloudy today, with a temperature ranging from 25 to 32 degrees, with a slight northward wind. It’s cloudy and partly showers, with a temperature ranging from 23 to 31 degrees, and a slight northerly wind. On the 21 day, it’s cloudy and the temperature is between 23 and 31 degrees. Huang Xi lights

弱冷空气带来广东气温小幅下降 早晚清凉需防晒   天气晴朗,空气干燥,这两天真是洗晒的好时机!当然了,还有早晚的清凉,无论步行还是跑步,连汗水都少了许多,真是一个字“爽”;当然了,还有相对较强的紫外线,各位出行仍要做好防晒。   好消息是,这种早晚的凉爽不仅会持续,而且程度还会有所加深,因为有弱冷空气来;坏消息是,受弱冷空气影响,云量增多,局部有阵雨,不过大部分时间天气还算很好。   气象部门预测,受弱冷空气影响,19日至20日,广东省气温小幅下降。19日,粤东和雷州半岛多云,局部有阵雨,其余市县晴到多云;20日至21日大部多云,部分市县有阵雨。   广州今日晴到多云,气温介于25℃到32℃,吹轻微的偏北风;明日多云,局部有阵雨,气温介于23℃到31℃,吹轻微的偏北风;21日,多云,气温介于23℃到31℃。黄熙灯相关的主题文章:

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