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What is the long johns? Ken bean wilful pants dare to forget to wear lead: Recently, Kardashian’s supermodel sister Kendall – Jenna (Kendall  Jenner) shooting commercials, film she rush forgot to wear his pants and ran out of the house, in front of the camera to show slender legs. There was a figure in our wayward capital, because winter is too busy to hide a brutal body fat, beans to show people as long as the body is good enough, don’t say long johns pants off, that is off! The suppression of hatred! There is a yearning for ages, there is a willful called forget to wear pants. Recently, the Kardashian family’s supermodel Kendall – Jenna shooting commercials, film she rush forgot to wear his pants and ran out of the house, in front of the camera to show legs. When the legs slender legs long johns like cold weather is jiebu Diao, a body off like a layer of skin off, is not the perfect body has become more bloated, but if you ask what is the bean to long johns may tell you that she is, she was born to wheat skin. Properly pull hatred is not too brutal Long Johns   our combat force is too weak to see the stars to wear fashion week full of tricks, but careful resolution is not difficult to see, those beautiful as in the past Da, or a stunning eye, without relying on a pair of legs. Others wear down clothes are still trembling, these female stars are still in front of the camera to show their good body clothes, love dearly female stars, but also lamented that their fighting power is weak burst (at this time burst words should have broken sound), they are not afraid of cold Mody? Probably because beauty is healthy, they’re not afraid. (don’t hit me, I just told the truth) powerful power, this navigation good figure, not envy to envy bean good shape, big legs? You have to know what she’s doing for her good figure! The famous Kardashian family has always been a buxom small short legged, with strong family genes like this, it’s not out of shape, can have such a supermodel and visible effort. Not in the movement is in motion on the good way of life is the first step, it is a pig to sleep every day The sun is three poles high. life. Regular fitness is better, go to the gym do some aerobic fat burning exercise, slim down at the same time can effectively exercise heart and lung, enhance body immunity, daily life busy friends, take some time to run is also good. The diet cola, those chips don’t want to, can’t keep their mouth is thin too fantastic to be healthy, every essential fruits and vegetables can be used as substitute for coke chips, meat based meat can also relieve a glutton, protein is one of the favorite fitness. Lazy pigs get up, we all know what kind of life is beneficial to us, but the lack of self-control, envy a good figure is better to become a good figure, and finally look at these good girls, it is to give yourself some power! Hot mom Miranda when the mother Miranda, never give up the body care, cut short hair after more girls, no wonder to make such a young and handsome boyfriend, sailing 秋裤是什么?肯豆任性得连裤子都敢忘穿    导语:近日,卡戴珊的超模妹妹肯达尔-詹娜(Kendall Jenner)拍摄一支广告片,片中她因为匆忙忘记穿裤子就跑出家门,在镜头前大秀修长的美腿。果然有身材就有任性资本,在我们因为冬天太残暴忙着藏起一身赘肉的时候,肯豆向人们展示只要身材够好,不用说秋裤,外裤也是说脱就脱的!妥妥的拉仇恨!   有一种思念叫望穿秋水,有一种任性叫忘穿外裤。近日,卡戴珊家族的超模肯达尔-詹娜拍摄一支广告片,片中她因为匆忙忘记穿裤子就跑出家门,在镜头面前大秀美腿。 美腿 修长美腿   天气转凉的时候秋裤就像是戒不掉的瘾,一上身脱下来就好像脱层皮,本来就不完美的身材就显得更加臃肿了,但是你要是问肯豆秋裤是什么,她可能会告诉你,就是她天生而来的小麦肌肤。 妥妥拉仇恨   不是秋裤太残暴 是我们战斗力太弱   看惯了明星们去时装周穿的花样百出,但是仔细分辨不难看出,那些一如既往美美哒,或是一下子惊艳了眼球的,无不靠着一双美腿。别人穿着羽绒服还在瑟瑟发抖,这些女明星们还在镜头前展示自己良好的身材衣品,心疼女明星的同时也感叹自己战斗力实在是弱爆了(此时爆字该有破音),她们难道不怕冷么?可能因为美得健康,她们真的不怕。(别打我,我只是说了实话) 大幂幂 本文导航   好身材可不是羡慕来的   羡慕肯豆的好身材大长腿?也得知道她为了好身材付出了哪些努力!著名的卡戴珊家族向来是丰乳肥臀小短腿,面对这样的强大家族基因,不走形已经是万幸了,能有这样的超模身材可见又多努力。 不是在运动就是在运动的路上   良好的生活方式便是第一步,每天睡到日上三竿那是猪的生活。定期健身是再好不过的了,去健身房做一些有氧燃脂运动,瘦身的同时还能有效锻炼心肺增强身体免疫力,日常生活忙碌的朋友,抽一点时间跑跑步也是不错的。饮食方面,那些薯片可乐就别想了,管不住自己的嘴还想要健康瘦太异想天开了,每天必备水果蔬菜可以作为可乐薯片的替代品,瘦肉为主的肉类也能缓解一时馋嘴,蛋白质更是健身一族的最爱。 懒猪起床   我们都知道什么样的生活是对我们有益的,只是缺少自身的自制力,羡慕好身材不如成为好身材,最后看看这几位好身材的姑娘,算是给自己一些动力吧! 辣妈Miranda   当了妈的Miranda从来没有放弃对身材的护理,剪了短发之后更显少女,怪不得交了那么年轻帅气的男朋友,情人节都来虐狗! 小腰精   candice小腰精这个外号真的是名不虚传,纤细蜂腰更显身材凹凸有致,每年维秘大秀都看不够! 刘雯   表姐真的是亚洲大长腿的表率,雪白修长的大美腿,随便一拍都是大片啊! 本文导航相关的主题文章:

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