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When will the moon be? Expensive moon phase watch big secret Sohu – some people say that if the "Twilight" Werewolf in Jacob Black has a phase of the moon, he can freely grasp turned his time. As human beings, of course, do not worry about the wolf". The table is quite popular in recent years the mechanical watch market, with daily changes by the lunar moon picture back to look, the vivid picture is one of the important reasons for the love of consumers. In the tarot, No. 18 "The Moon (Yue Liang)" often represents "uneasy and confused". The moon is a mystery to almost everyone. Thus, wearing a watch with moon phase function, grasp the change of the moon the moon, for a wide range of people, is undoubtedly the inexhaustible topic added. Not to mention the China writers give the moon romantic temperament, that is the phase of the moon killer. As the name suggests, is a phase of the moon, with moon phase display function of the watch of personality, through the table on moon phase can grasp the daily changes in the local moon moon. In twelve or six position, shows the phase change new moon, full moon and the wind, down through the window. The table is very high and cold, but are senior table fans favorite. In the phase of the moon in the family of these brands and how can you miss! Jaeger Le Coulter Masters Series Q1368420 watch Jaeger Le Coulter Masters Series moon phase watch, is an important feature of the perfect brand will be two very interesting fusion masterpiece. Slim is the highest pursuit of the ultimate pursuit of art of mechanical timepiece, moon is a romantic embodiment of human feelings, the science of astronomy, this combination has such interesting comprehensive retail price too wonderful for words, also in the vicinity of 65500 yuan. Bal Zilemaliron series 00.10906.03.13.01 watch ChronoPerpetual watch horse lirung Bucherer building, is a model of Art: 12 meter position display, date display, the location of the 6 week 9 month and leap year position display and 3 position of the moon a hundred years accurate movement, this unique with gold Bucherer fly back time function dial, outer tachometer scale, and brand to adhere to the concept of utility function is consistent. Only once every one hundred years the calibration calendar watch, who don’t move! Ma lirung calendar Chronograph rose gold type world only 100 pieces, the more its worth of stamps. The market in the sale price of 430000 yuan, noble rose gold case or stylish stainless steel case all see timeless beauty, satin grinding and polishing of table line more pleasing to the eye, ear contour; bezel set curved sapphire crystal; crown and polishing time button design is simple and elegant; from the sapphire crystal the back can see the mechanical movement and 22K rose gold Pretoria exquisite workmanship. IWC Portofino series IW459007 watch Portofino watch series IW459007 active phase. This watch is made of fine steel case, scale is 37 mm, exudes soft bright white natural pearl dial inlaid.相关的主题文章:

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