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Babies-Toddler In terms of free baby photo contest listings there tend to be more than most folks realize. Be sure to know what you’re getting into. Some of they are completely legitimate ways for magazines and other such companies to find the next fresh face. It also allows your kid to break into the modeling industry rather easily. On the flip side, there are actually companies which are backed by other companies who merely want your name and email address so they could send you advertisements. Does this mean that your son or daughter won’t win the prize stated? No, it simply means that they’ll sell your information to someone else. Companies such as Parents magazine are all about putting your child on the cover of their magazine. This is accomplished through their free baby photo contest. It doesn’t cost anything to enter and then readers choose the ultimate winner. You could even send your friend and family members and email asking them to vote for your little cutie. The Cute Kid at thecutekid.com holds a number of free baby photo contest opportunities. This comes along with a $25,000 prize and availability to talent agencies as well as modeling opportunities. The hold monthly contests that have smaller monetary prizes while the large prize is held for the annual and overall winner. The site kidsandbibs.com hosts a sizable variety of these kinds of competitions for babies and kids alike. According to their site they host a brand new competition every 2 months. Ahhh but also noted is that what these are offering for FREE is the ability to put your baby on their modeling web site. The actual contest entry is $5.00 The Great American Photo Contest is one which holds a monthly free baby photo contest. Each month they give away a prize of $2500 to some lucky child and their parent. As great as that sounds you need to read the fine print. In submitting your child’s picture you’re agreeing to accept offers from their sponsors via email. So be prepared to have your inbox flooded with offers from all sorts of advertisers. Another, less known, magazine that hosts a free baby photo contest in order to put the winner on the cover is Our Cute Babies. Available at ourcutebabies.com/baby-photo-contest, this magazine isn’t just looking for a cover model but for pictures for over forty other categories as well. The whole magazine is full of adorable kids and infants, all of which have come to them through this competition. You submit the pictures and then people vote on them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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