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Why Xiangshan autumn, to see the most beautiful Feng Ling Po red 2016 Fangshan Po Feng Ling leaves ornamental autumn tourism Raiders – Sohu why Xiangshan, to see the most beautiful Feng Ling Po red 2016 Fangshan Po Feng Ling leaves ornamental Raiders area: Beijing suburb for population: all people out of difficulty: easy for 2 days to spend budget: 200 yuan for time: October 31 month is " sumac leaves, oval " Author: ton road to many places to see red leaves, the slope of Feng Ling is a choice, not far away, more than an hour away; the leaves area, many people do not think; the tree is not high, but recent distance viewing pictures. Slope ridge mountain gentle, elevation difference is only about 370 meters, for people who want to see the mountain scene, just a good. Winding road, red with the author: Ji Rui Jinqiu Beijing ushered in the most beautiful season in a year, the earth storied, everyone began to climb out of red leaves. The reputation of the Xiangshan in recent years has been Yourenruzhi, less quiet lofty autumn. A distance and slope of Feng Ling, gradually replaced the Xiangshan " Beijing red " dominance with " if the slope of Feng Ling, why go to the Xiangshan " said. Only a different and Xiangshan red leaf, the slope of Feng Ling leaves in addition to inclusive a bright red, yellow, orange, dotted with more green, if you look carefully, you will find the slope of Feng Ling leaves and some yellow, some red, dark red, and even some green…… colorful, is very good-looking. The slope of Feng Ling autumn " " ribbons in the sky; the momentum in the mangrove, close look at those sumac trees aren’t very tall, trunk, but many trunks on the outstretched branches, crown like a big umbrella. Banpo Shijiershang, winding road on both sides to natural support for multi tall elm, hemp, associated whole hemp, jujube, my wife. High and tall, sumac, Koelreuteria paniculata, poplar dense distribution, dense and suffering oppression. The slope of Feng Ling leaves is very rich in species, with maple, sumac, torch and other seven or eight varieties, the number of tens of thousands of lines. This mountain is a mountain hiking trail, the stone paved, gentle slope, easy to climb to the top is 3000 meters. The top of the hill is called the olecranon. Standing on the cliff top, the whole mountain land, magnificent and spectacular. The mountain is divided into several layers, the mountain has been very high, but the immediate peak should be flat, and then a higher level in the distance. There is another ring down the mountain, but also 3000 meters. Every kilometer and pavilions, stone benches for visitors to rest. According to local villagers, Feng Ling Po is not the way the 6000 meter trail is Mount Huangshan village villagers step out of the stone masonry, all adopt the rocks, sand and cement on human back to the mountains. Steep mountain trails can easily climb in many places to see the author: ilovewade leaves, Po Feng Ling 5相关的主题文章:

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