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Win at the starting point halfway exit, the lithium battery enterprises – Sohu technology pioneer dim and the move [Technews] science news in 1991, Sony launched the first commercial lithium ion battery with economic benefits, since the lithium battery of high energy density gradually change our life, first from the notebook computer, and then drive the portable product market now, in the Tesla (Tesla) leading the push into the electric vehicle, and good in energy storage areas will be big gains, but at this moment the lithium battery to be discovered, win at the starting point of the Sony is halfway. In July 28, 2016, Sony and Murata announced the signing of memorandum, Sony will cause the battery to Murata, the transfer time is March 2017. The transfer unit includes Sony energy equipment company (Sony Energy Devices Corporation), Sony in Singapore and Chinese battery manufacturing facilities, as well as Sony group and all cell marketing and related research and development personnel and assets. Coincidentally, at the beginning of August 2016, the Nikkei reported Nissan (Nissan) plans to suspend production for vehicle lithium battery, and start with Japan and Chinese enterprises negotiate the sale of battery business. In 2007 Nissan and NEC joint venture supply electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles using lithium battery Automotive Energy Supply Corp (Automotive Energy Supply), Nissan accounted for 51% stake, NEC accounted for 49%, is the world’s second largest lithium ion battery after the Panasonic factory, with annual revenues of 33 billion 600 million yen, about 2 billion 200 million yuan. Nissan for the Nikkei reports soon responded to refute the Nikkei report is based on speculation that, instead of the official announcement, based on the market but however, make another interpretation of this rebuttal, because there is not even that does not sell counter battery business, the report is not real, that makes the industry There were many discussions. Revealed. The mystery is indeed Nissan, considering the sale of battery business. The determination of Sony and Nissan may exit, exit, long-term display industry competition is like a marathon, not necessarily win at the starting point "start first win, first leader, but may have such as improper pace players, the final sprint stage but the strength was put out; an early lead in the market the enterprise, in the face of the market is not clear, the development of the battery is often for their own needs, and enter the industry matured, new enterprises carrying a large amount of capital investment of large-scale production of standard products, the operation and development of early business model completely different. Change strategy to deal with the development process of Sony lithium battery can be said to be the best example of this model, the original Sony is to develop its own electronic products lithium batteries, lithium battery market:相关的主题文章:

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