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It can also eat at home on Star steak dinner – Sohu and the European Middle Ages, pork and lamb is the meat of civilians, beef is the meat kings and nobles of the senior, distinguished by their collocation on beef was also a pepper and spices honorable status cooking together, and supply on special occasions, to highlight the owner’s distinguished identity. (this section from the network) now with the development of the living standard, the steak is getting into the public table, but looking at all kinds of steak really is dazzling, we must first choose a piece of delicious beef will not start, not to mention the sauce brewed, often filled with joy to a big meal but finally is tasteless. That is, "this is the legendary steak ah" misunderstanding. Today is a simple and easy to operate delicious steak dinner. Smoked smoked salad with salmon salmon, Rome lettuce, Purple Magnolia vegetables, lettuce, ingredients are selected from organic vegetables, after strict screening and cleaning, hand still very fresh; and adjust the good oil and vinegar. Step 1, open the box, vegetables are good cleaning, small tear can directly, it’s 2 smoked salmon, with a knife into small pieces, 3 tear small vegetables salad bowl, and then put on a small piece of cut salmon 4, open the package with the oil and vinegar, pour in the top 5 and mix evenly, a tasty appetizer salad to salmon! Mushroom soup the soup ingredients by Ho "black truffle" collocation of Tricholoma letinous edodes mushroom, butter, thyme, rosemary sauce, food is very convenient, the heating can be. When bacteria fragrant soup roll wafted, a spoonful of thick, delicious taste entrance. Steps 1, open the soup bag, put soup poured into the milk pot, boil 2, then put the heated soup poured into the bowl 3, can also use the cream soup in a little decoration, this is not very big on it, the taste will not lose the fried Australian restaurant 4A bovine meat quite frankly two large pieces of meat 4A Australia bovine meat, vacuum packaging, lock the authentic taste. The main meal of radish and garnish with asparagus, close to the skin clean sealing and packaging. Even the steak sauce and salt together with a good partner. There is a bag of fried potato corner, this is my favorite, heating can be eaten, really good convenience. Steps 1, first put the potato wedges into a frying pan, a heating 2 steak fully thawed with kitchen paper dry surface of the water, then the pan put a little of the rapeseed oil, put the fried steak, fried steak 3 one after another golden fried noodles, 5 ripe in the collocation of carrots and asparagus 4, six cooked steak was thrown into the sea, after the salt intended is to make the vegetables a little good steak surface flavor, and not too much influence of beef meat fiber original 5, and after the sea salt, black pepper sauce with steak, immediately turn off the fire, but this time not to rush!相关的主题文章:

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