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World Diabetes Day: pregnant mother how to prevent gestational diabetes maternal November 14th – Sohu is World Diabetes Day, as the pregnant mother this special group, should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. The incidence of gestational diabetes is very detrimental to the development of the fetus. The survey found that pregnant women with gestational diabetes, the incidence of birth defects was 10%-25%, perinatal mortality or preterm birth rate of about 5%-10%. In addition, if pregnant women during pregnancy insulin treatment, but also may cause neonatal hypoglycemia. So how to do a good job in the prevention of gestational diabetes? Women and children and experts for everyone to help, hope to arouse the attention of women of childbearing age for gestational diabetes mellitus: a reasonable diet, weight control, to ensure adequate supply of protein. Pregnant women with gestational diabetes are usually better than normal mothers, so they need to control their diet and eat less. However, the amount of protein intake can not be less, eat more soy products, increase plant protein. And the United States to open a day nutrition clinic, pregnant women with gestational diabetes can be formulated for their nutritional recipes. Change the order of the pregnant mother eat at a meal, can you drink soup, then eat vegetables, beans, meat, and eat the staple food, avoid carbohydrates quickly into the blood, reduced pancreatic insulin secretion speed, thereby reducing the burden of pancreatic. Coarse grains, multiselect staple food and beans, oats, pure buckwheat is rich in dietary fiber, can delay the postprandial blood sugar rise quickly. Less meat, less food, salt and sugar intake to avoid fried, fried, pastry, and animal skin and fat with high fat and high calorie food. Eat more fresh vegetables, vitamin supplements. We often eat some iron and high calcium foods, such as milk, fish, shrimp and other supplementary minerals. Pregnancy should eat light. A fruit rich in nutrition, gestational diabetes, pregnant mother to eat fruit should be flexible according to the control of their blood and urine glucose. Should not eat a lot of fruit, should not eat high sugar content of fruit, should not drink fruit juice. Here, experts recommend: all pregnant women and children should have a "sugar sieve" during pregnancy 24, 28 weeks, in order to facilitate the early detection of gestational diabetes mellitus. The elderly pregnant mother, obesity, family history of diabetes, history of adverse pregnancy pregnant women belong to high-risk groups, to early sugar screening "". If the sugar screen does not pass, but also the need for further detection of glucose tolerance.相关的主题文章:

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