Wu Yifan’s world Musketeers Mobile Games first costume styling shishangqiyi

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Wu Yifan’s "world Musketeers" Mobile Games taste the ancient style of September 1st, millet Westhouse alone on behalf of the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games spokesman announced, idol Wu Yifan became the spokesperson for. Wu Yifan this is the first attempt to cool the ancient style, exquisite Shaoxia version of costume according to instantly detonated network, steal the heart of millions of users, the search index soared.   voice identity exposure national male God first try martial arts fan the endorsement of "world Musketeers" Mobile Games, Wu Yifan first tried costumes, dashing eyebrows star of countless girls screaming game player. The fans are constantly feeling, always leading the fashion trend of male god costumes are so handsome, two kinds of style can be a perfect control, is worthy of the high heat of the idol.   Wu Yifan in the martial arts clothing, a white dress with deep clothing, the body was deep, with a same white gentry belt waist, the appearance of simple and gorgeous style. The snow in the Wu Yifan wear Jianmei star body, can the can Wu, like a tall,stately and handsome Pian Piangui childe.   Wu Yifan in addition to the superb taste of fashion, he himself is a game player, hand travel has a profound understanding of the original. The endorsement of the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games, Wu Yifan also for the part of the skin and gives some Mobile Games design their own inspiration, hope can bring a surprise for the game player who. In the beta version of the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games will be NPC in the same dress in the city, with his dialogue interactive game player.   "world Musketeers" out of the blue to the Mobile Games platform beta soon to open the "world Musketeers" Mobile Games from 20 years of classic "JX" series, Xishanju gold medal team effort to build a super class S 3D MMOARPG Mobile Games. Game with perfect visual expression to show a grand martial arts world colorful, exquisite picture in Mobile Games industry benchmark for innovation. 18 day and night shift system of weather system, let the game player like Ling’an free personally on the scene, 6 section of the first light fly over the walls can be Mobile Games, "musketeers of the world" Mobile Games brought a free 360° 3D world to you. In the game, the gameplay is to bring a lot of innovation, four types, five sects of free choice, family education mode at the same time let you deeply experience the story with more personalization options. The martial arts game no longer just Daguai upgrade, PK battle group, you can also experience the collective play dodge, square dance, try thousands of different dress, interactive experience emotional scenario, hundreds of original romantic play, either PVP, PVE or casual party, can find the happiness belong to you. "World Musketeers" Mobile Games arena are not the same as what, can’t make a living away from home, Dodge, not surprisingly, can fly over the walls, six segment long life Dodge, you must have seen the space, 360 degree rotation, but also at any time to change the direction of flight, if you dodge master, even jump seven hidden skills to challenge you. "World Musketeers" Mobile Games strong IP, high quality and popular flagship, and popular idol Wu Yifan agree without prior without previous consultation. In recent years, Wu Yifan has been a professional and dedicated attitude.相关的主题文章:

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