Xiamen handsome soldier brother actively rebuild disaster, the city is full of olive green googims

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Xiamen "handsome soldier" to fight the disaster reconstruction figure is the curse of the olive green face, busy, young soldier brother face of fallen trees, cutting, handling, loading, lodging work everything in good order and well arranged, the trees are decreasing, the road is gradually restored unobstructed; the trapped water was back out of countenance trapped masses is a soldier brother; road, site of water, with professional rescue equipment, help eliminate water or a soldier brother…… At 3 September 15th 05, "Meranti" landing in Xiamen Xiangan. Hundreds of thousands of trees fell, roads blocked; some low-lying areas appeared water, people trapped. At the forefront of disaster relief, olive green became the dominant hue. 15 at 3 pm, a large area of Haicang new Wai west area waterlogging, the depth of 1.6 meters. Fire officers and soldiers rushed to wade water, to rescue trapped people send epithelial raft. When the trapped people were transferred, 13 fire officers and men had been soaking in the water for 5 hours. 15 at 1 p.m., the town of Pu Lin village for help. 11 officers and soldiers of the thirty-first army stationed in Xiamen, in front of the water in the chest, 22 people transferred out. At the same time, in a day of struggle, they also completed 7 more than 60 kilometers of road dredging, obstacle removal task. Hubin North Road, Hubin South Road, Jiahe Road, Xiamen wo road…… A large number of lodging trees, there are soldiers figure. Their hands were black, and they even worn their hands; their feet were white with soaked shoes. Tired, they find a roadside sit, eat a few mouthfuls of food again, feet raised blisters are silent…… Under their efforts, a road blocked by trees is being opened up. "Fortunately, there were them, ah Bing Cooba." Looking at the busy Liberation Army soldiers, citizens sigh. Many Xiamen people in the eyes, in order to express gratitude, have to Geouba soldiers were sent to the milk, beverages. The touch of olive green, will also continue to struggle in every corner of > city;

厦“帅气兵哥哥”积极抗灾重建 满城尽是橄榄绿 稚嫩的脸庞、忙碌的身影,年轻的阿兵哥面对倒伏的树木,切割、搬运、装车,有条不紊地工作,倒伏的树木不断减少,道路也逐步恢复通畅;群众被困,蹚着水背出被困群众的是阿兵哥;道路、工地积水,带着专业抢险设备,帮忙排除积水的还是阿兵哥……9月15日凌晨3时05分,“莫兰蒂”登陆厦门翔安。几十万棵树木倒伏,道路受阻;一些地势低洼地带出现了积水,有群众被困。在救灾最前线,橄榄绿成了主色调。15日凌晨3点,海沧新垵西片区大面积内涝积水,最深处1.6米。消防官兵赶到,蹚着水,逐户搜救,将被困群众送上皮筏艇。当转移完这些被困群众,13名消防官兵已经在水里泡了5个小时。15日下午1点,灌口镇浦林村求援。第31集团军驻厦某部11名官兵,在及胸口的积水面前,将22名群众转移出来。同时,在一天的奋斗中,他们还完成了7条共60余公里路面的疏通、排障任务。湖滨北路、湖滨南路、嘉禾路、厦禾路……大量倒伏的树木前,都有阿兵哥的身影。他们的手是黑的,甚至磨破了双手;他们的脚却因为湿透的鞋子,被泡得发白。累了,他们找个路边席地而坐,吃几口干粮又继续,脚底都磨出了水泡也不吭一声……在他们的努力下,一条条原本被树木阻碍的道路正被打通。 “幸好有他们,阿兵哥欧巴。”看着一个个忙碌的解放军战士,市民感叹。 许多厦门市民看在眼里,为了表达感谢,纷纷给阿兵哥欧巴们送去了牛奶、饮料。这一抹抹橄榄绿,还将继续在鹭岛各个角落奋斗>相关的主题文章:

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