Xiamen reporter interviewed the disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella was suspended-pork face

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Xiamen reporter interviewed the disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella was suspended once the super typhoon hit Xiamen, post disaster reconstruction work tension expansion. Do not want to, a female reporter for Xiamen TV interview disaster relief volunteers wearing sunglasses umbrella as "Red Net", was the network exposure, Xiamen radio and television issued a notice, the reporter decided to suspended, and for further processing. The typhoon had subsided, but the journalist met the "typhoon" in the workplace. The "small wearing sunglasses, a small umbrella, twisting the waist carrying the bag" image, and the scene is too dissonant. An umbrella for rain? Do you wear sunglasses for sunscreen? However, day of fine weather, the sun is not sinister, camera colleagues and respondents are the same as ordinary dress, female reporters are wearing sunglasses on the umbrella, it is fragile or hypocritical. I interviewed a female reporter this pair of disaster relief volunteers face appearance feel must not feel comfortable, many people also feel "hot eyes", as Xiamen radio and television in the bulletin said, "not strictly comply with the relevant provisions of the group, improper behavior, violation of the occupation standard of journalists, damage to the news the image of workers, resulting in a negative impact on society." Like many public events, "Xiamen women journalists wear sunglasses and umbrella interview", and naturally there are different voices. Some people think that the female reporter dress and many ordinary girls as what other girls can wear sunglasses umbrella in the street, but not a female reporter? This kind of argument is afraid to confuse the difference between work and life intentionally or unintentionally. The female journalist of the beauty of this dress right, no one will say anything. Life, but it is in the specific interview scene, the face is hard to disaster relief volunteers, this pair of manners alone does not meet the occupation image, even manners are not the way of getting along with people. Of course, there are people who think that the female reporter is not properly dressed, but the "lose the job" is unjust, and think Xiamen radio and television are too heavy to deal with public opinion. In fact, the female reporter is only stopped to accept further treatment, not necessarily "lose the job" for this. A step back, even if the female journalist was dismissal, was it "wrong"? This reminds us of the fact that Zhejiang officials were dismissal a few days ago. The official relief was wearing new shoes "frame" over a mud, although later also defended the movie is not active, interested, however, he dressed in disaster situations, not aware of being raised unsightly, will affect the relationship between cadres and masses, is floating style performance. Not unjust dismissal. To say, the details decide the attitude. In the Internet age of everyone with microphones, everyone looks at and looks at others, also accepts others’ scrutiny and measurement, and is not adaptable. Not only officials and journalists, but also people in other industries, they all have to check their own image, be in awe, and stop. Out of the grid, play out the circle, do not blame the public opinion storm.

厦门女记者戴墨镜打伞采访救灾志愿者被停职 百年一遇的超强台风袭击厦门,灾后重建工作紧张展开。不想,厦门电视台一女记者因戴墨镜打伞采访救灾志愿者成为“网红”,遭网络曝光后,厦门广电发布了通告,决定对该记者停职,并接受进一步处理。台风平息了,这位女记者却遭遇了职场“台风”。其“戴着小墨镜,打着小洋伞,扭着小腰挎着包”的形象,与救灾现场太不搭调。打伞是为了避雨?戴墨镜是为了防晒?然而,当天天气晴好,太阳并不毒辣,摄像的同事和受访者一样都是普通打扮,女记者偏偏戴上了墨镜打上了伞,这是娇气还是矫情呢。不知受访的救灾志愿者面对女记者这副扮相作何感想,想必不会感到舒服吧,很多公众也感到“辣眼睛”,就如厦门广电在通报中说的那样,“没有严格遵守集团相关规定,出现不当行为,违反了新闻记者职业规范,损害了新闻工作者的形象,在社会上造成了不良影响。”与许多公共事件一样,“厦门女记者戴着墨镜打着伞采访”,自然也有不同的声音。一些人认为女记者着装与很多普通女孩并无二致,凭什么别的女孩能在大街上戴墨镜打伞,而女记者不能?这种论调恐怕是有意无意地混淆了工作与生活的区别。这位女记者当然有爱美的权利,生活中做此打扮没人会说三道四,可这是在特定的采访场景中,面对的是辛苦救灾的志愿者,这副仪态别说不符合职业形象,连待人接物的礼貌都没有吧。 当然,还有人虽觉得女记者仪态不妥,但为此“丢饭碗”却冤,认为厦门广电为应付舆情出手太重。其实,女记者仅是被停职接受进一步处理,并不一定会为此“丢饭碗”。退一步说,即便是女记者遭辞退就“冤枉”吗?这让人想到前几天浙江官员因“救灾搀扶照”被免职事件。该官员穿新鞋救灾被人“架”着越过一处淤泥点,尽管事后也有人为其辩解不是主动的、有意的,然而,他衣着光鲜的出现在救灾场合,没意识到被人搀扶有碍观瞻,会影响干群关系,本身就是作风漂浮的表现,被免职并不冤。 说来,细节决定态度。在人人都有麦克风的网络时代,每个人都审视和打量他人,也接受他人的审视和打量,不适应也要适应。不只是官员和记者,也包括其他行业的人员,一言一行都要检点自身的形象,心存敬畏,行有所止。出了格,玩出了圈,就别怪舆论风暴。相关的主题文章:

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