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Xinhua News Agency: the year of the sheep market green disc ending the year of the monkey to remain – Sohu securities Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 5 February, (reporter Xu Sheng, Zhao Xiaohui) at the end of the last trading day of the year the market trend as footnote. With the stock index fixed at 2763.49 points, the sheep stock market green plate ending. The weakness of the stock index is uncertain, but people are still looking forward to the stock market in the year of monkey. 5, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index fluctuated throughout the afternoon, a wave of decline in the afternoon. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2763.49 points, or 0.63%; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 9673.48 points, or 1.22%; the gem index closed at 2096.99 points, or 1.39% days. Reflections on the year of the goat, A stock market experienced too much. This year, the Shanghai Composite Index in the 7 trading days fell more than 1000 points, had 3 months rose about 1500 points; this year, has launched only 4 days but there are circuit breakers, positive reform has introduced; this year, many market participants have also checked for illegal. From all walks of life to work together to deal with the abnormal fluctuations in the stock market. From the beginning of the year, under the driving force of many factors, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index is rising steadily. During the year, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 5166.35 points, and the gem average earnings ratio was over 140 times. After mid June, the situation of 1000 shares limit a sudden turn for the worse, frequent. In the face of this abnormal fluctuations, regulators, securities institutions, listed companies have resorted to the banner of stability: gold card company, 21 large market brokerage investment blue chip investment ETF, 111 central enterprises undertake not to reduce…… In mid July, the market stabilized in the difficult, entered the rising channel. Subsequently, the Shanghai composite index at 3600 points down sideways for a long time, the market continued to the 2016 New Year’s eve. In the last month of the year, the world economy is still in the doldrums. In the context of the continued decline of crude oil and other commodities, the Federal Reserve’s high interest rate hike process, the global stock market crash, the RMB exchange rate volatility and other background, the Shanghai composite index once breakdown 2700 points. Predictably, the year of the monkey will be a difficult and extraordinary year. The global economic recovery is still difficult to predict, the domestic economy is struggling to upgrade, capital market reform continues to promote, registration system, strategic emerging plate, Shenzhen Hong Kong and other reforms will continue to be concerned. In the new year, people expect that the reform will continue to provide impetus for the transformation and upgrading of the macro-economy, and lay a good foundation for the stock market to go up.

新华社:羊年股市绿盘收官 猴年期盼犹存-搜狐证券   新华社北京2月5日电(记者许晟、赵晓辉)岁末最后一个交易日的走势好似全年行情的注脚。伴随着沪指定格在2763.49点,羊年股市绿盘收官。股指上攻乏力的局面令人感到前景的不确定,但人们对猴年股市仍然心存期待。   5日,沪深股指全天震荡,午后出现一波下跌。截至收盘,上证综指收报2763.49点,日跌幅0.63%;深证成指收报9673.48点,日跌幅1.22%;创业板指数收报2096.99点,日跌幅1.39%。   乙未羊年,A股市场经历了太多。这一年,上证综指曾在7个交易日下跌逾千点,也曾3个月内上涨约1500点;这一年,有推出仅4天的熔断机制,但也有改革利好不断推出;这一年,有不少市场主体因违法违规被查,也有各界携手应对股市异动波动。   从羊年年初开始,在多种因素的驱动下,沪深股指节节攀升。年中,上证综指最高收于5166.35点,创业板股票平均市盈率一度超140倍。   6月中旬之后,形势急转直下,千股跌停频现。面对这场异常波动,监管层、券商机构、上市公司等纷纷祭出维稳大旗:证金公司大举入市、21家券商出资投资蓝筹股ETF、111家央企承诺不减持……   7月中旬,市场在艰难中企稳,步入上升通道。随后,上证综指在3600点上下横盘良久,行情持续到2016年元旦前夕。   年末的最后一个多月,世界经济仍在低迷之中。在原油等大宗商品持续探底、美联储高调开启加息进程、全球股市大跌、人民币汇率大幅波动等背景下,上证综指一度击穿2700点。   可以预见,猴年仍将是艰难而不平凡的一年。全球经济复苏仍难预期,国内经济正在努力转型升级,资本市场改革不断推进,注册制、战略新兴板、深港通等改革将持续受到关注。   新的一年,人们期待,改革将持续为宏观经济转型升级提供动力,为股市向上奠定良好基础。相关的主题文章:

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