Xinxiang coach car tragic accident occurred two college students died on the spot winpm

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Xinxiang coach car has two students tragic accident died on the spot at noon on November 13th, in the Plains Road, Yuhua driving a coach car and a van collided, killing 3 people on board the coach. Someone’s vehicle driving school – Yuhua school at noon, in the WeChat circle of friends, a tragic traffic accident video make people sigh. The scene of the accident too horrible to look at displayed in the screen, a coach car parked in the green belt, the body was badly damaged, the car a woman in a coma, 120 emergency personnel are rescue, a battered new van parked in the distance, surrounded with pedestrians. The picture shows the scene of the accident too horrible to look at multi inquire after the reporter found, someone’s vehicle driving picture – Yuhua driving. At 4 pm, in Yuhua station, the reporter saw the driving school, driving school responsible person surnamed li. Mr. Li said that indeed matter, accident car is their driving coach, he just finished processing related matters back. He said that the day at 11:55 in the morning, they are driving a coach car traveling from east to west across the Plains Road, driving to the nearby seven road intersection, collided with a car without a license of the new van. In the accident, all of a total of 3 men and two women were killed on board the coach. Among them, men’s coach, two female students in the famous river normal students. Mr. Li further explained that in accordance with the Convention, they are often in the school every Saturday and Sunday will take students to see the examination subjects two test, simulation training. On the day of the incident, the coach took the trainees from the training room to return to the urban area, but unfortunately suffered an accident on the way. For we are all concerned about when the vehicle speed is too fast. The coach, who opened the car and the other driver status, Mr. Lee said that because the party has died, the specific circumstances of the incident is now not to say, all the police investigation after clear. The understanding of victims of coaches is male, 28 years old this year, just apply to Yuhua driving when driving coach, no bad record. At present, the police are investigating the accident. (plain Evening News)相关的主题文章:

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