Xu Song new song rivers and lakes Chinese wind return or familiar formula (video) tsumori chisato

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Xu Song song "quack" China wind return or the familiar formula [Abstract] today, Xu Song carrying a new "Xu type Chinese wind back, new" quack "officially released. At the same time, the song is Xu Song "beloved" super network drama does not draw wild new creative theme song. "Rivers and lakes" cover "tastes" Tencent Xu Song entertainment news today, Xu Song carrying a new "Xu type China wind back, new" quack "officially released. At the same time, the song is Xu Song "beloved" super network drama does not draw wild new creative theme song. The day before, Xu Song released her sixth album "Youth News", the album has made remarkable achievements, and gain a good reputation. However, the youth evening news is not included in the new Chinese wind tracks, which can not help but feel a little regret. Yesterday, "quack" 40 seconds to grab the listening version of early exposure, the rain, distant flute and suddenly awakened one a zither, thick "Xu type Chinese wind blowing, compensation of regret at the same time, also tempt the appetite of the listener. Today, the new single "rivers and lakes" officially released. "Rivers and lakes" is Xu Song’s new creation China wind tracks, in addition to the continuation of his many style, a new breakthrough is to bring more surprises: compared with Xu Song in the past some of the more "tenderness" China wind works, "rivers and lakes" more emphasis on "XiaGu", depicting the words very simple, will more profound; interpretation of music, classic traditional folk music and new electronic musical instruments wonderful fusion, retro feeling and sense of the times. Post production, music by famous musicians Zheng Nan surgeon, hierarchy rich, skill is completed; the total producer, remixer, recording engineer, mastering engineer as in the past all by Xu Song himself as a music every detail in all of his total devotion to Xu Song music excellence, to ensure that the "rivers and lakes" the class! As a super network drama "painting arena" people’s theme song, "rivers and lakes" and the repertoire is also very fit, not only displays the sense of justice, love martial arts loss, but also show the protagonist grows in lakes disputes in the difficult. "Jing River is Shangyu cold boat I drink alone" – repertoire with the sentence "I drink alone" with vocals from grand accompaniment in the smoke, as the protagonist away from the chaos of the arena in general, bid farewell to the past, leisurely life. I believe in Xu Song relaxed and elegant voice, everyone can feel "different" beloved does not draw the rivers and lakes rivers and lakes in. Tencent news client music page card on the line!!! Hand to teach you to add:相关的主题文章:

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